12 September 2010

Sunday Drabble Dare #9 (Due 9/16/10)

Come one, come all!

Just four days left for all those who wish to participate in Sunday Drabble Dare #9. Write that story, and send it to us at theburrow360 (at) gmail (dot) com by Thursday, September 16, 2010.

Have you ever wanted to tell a story in exactly 100 words? Do you enjoy writing brief notes to others? Do you wish an entire story can be told in one or two paragraphs? Well, today is your lucky day. Look at the image above, create a story in exactly 100 words and submit to the email above. I look forward to reading your drabbles!

(FYI- the above is a drabble. It took me approximately five minutes. You can do it too!)


Jan Morrison said...

huh? Did you get no takers. I mean isn't this last week's drabble dare...I'm confused but perhaps you meant me to be.

ViolaNut said...

We're just going with a longer deadline. :-) We were getting entries after the closing dates and figured people drabbled on weekends, so extended things a bit.

Briony said...

Very glad for the extended deadline - last week ended being up all kinds of crazy.

Unknown said...

Briony, I'm happy. I hope you enter the drabble dare. I would love to read some of your writing.