05 September 2010

Drabble Dare # 9

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. And this particular picture is so bursting with stories, one could write an entire book based entirely on it.

BUT, we give you only HUNDRED WORDS. A hundred words in which to tell a story hidden in this picture taken on the streets of Bombay, India.

Write that story, and send it to us at theburrow360 (at) gmail dot com on or before Thursday, September 16, 2010. Yes, you heard it right, September SIXTEEN!!! We've had people sending in entries after the expiry of the deadline (most of you seem to drabble best on Saturdays), so we thought we would keep the contest open longer so even the bird who oversleeps gets a shot at finding a good breakfast.

Do mention Drabble Dare # 9 in the Subject name, and give us details of your website and pen-name (if any).
If you can't stop at just one story send them all, but each story should be exactly 100 words long. And if you would want us to consider a group of 100 word drabbles as a collective (rather than as stand alone entries), let us know in advance.

Happy drabbling.

And check back for the results on Saturday, September 18, 2010.
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Unknown said...

I've never wrote a drabble. I might try it.


LTM said...

purple purse! :D

Natasha said...

@ Clarissa - and this is as good a time to attempt one as any other. My tip for writing a drabble. Think about the photograph for a day, sleep on it, and write it out in less than 30 minutes the next day.

@ Leigh - can we expect purple prose about the purple purse?

Shaharizan Perez said...

Colorful and vibrant photo. Love it!