16 September 2010

Delusional Thursday - What Will I Blog About?

Yes, I know - the title is hardly inspiring, but it does exactly what it says on the tin (as we say here in the Kair of Diff). As usual I am having slight (major) palpatations because it is my turn to write for the Burrowers. It doesn't matter what the pre-selected subject is, I still panic when I have to come up with something for this blog. Being a bit of a nutter, Delusional Thursday blog posts should be right up my street, but I always feel a bit of pressure when I write for the Burrowers. I mean, if it was just my own blog, I wouldn't care - take me as you find me anallat (youknowzitmakezense!) - but I at least try to be a little bit sensible when I'm representing my writing group.

Anyway, regarding the subject for today's ramble blog. Yup, it's 'Delusional', which can cover a lot of things, but what exactly do I pluck from the plethora of silly subjects?

First I thought I'd do a bit of Taffing - you know, silly spellings and what-not - but then I realised that I always fall back on Taffing when I can't think of anything to blog about, so I should try something else instead. Which is a right bluddy shame ifyouknowzwharrimean, coz I loves Taffing, I do, I loves it.

Then I searched through the dusty corners of my brain and tried to find something that I haven't blogged about before (on my other blog, that is), but do you know what? I think I've probably covered most of the delusional stuff already (almost every single blog post I have ever written could be classed as delusional for the most part or, failing that, just plain old silly).

I mean seriously, I've covered lamonized limed lemons, wobbly sausages, asteriskisms, made-up words, talking beer bottles.... well, you get the idea. Even typos (which are the bane of my life) have been covered. What's a girl to do?

Of course, this is exactly what I am like with all aspects of writing. Unless I am struck by Inspirational Lightening, I'm usually stumped. When it's fanfic, I tend to read other samples to try and get me back in the fanfic mood, and it usually does the trick. With my original stuff I tend to - when not staring blankly at the screen - listen to mood-inducing music and hope that my fingers will do more than drum to the beat. With blogs, however, I do something different. Or several things different, to be more precise.

My first port of call is Google. Google is fab, it really is. You can find anything on there (which is just as well seeing as it is a search engine). I particularly like Google Images, because there's always that random naughty picture in there somewhere no matter what you type in the search bar, and it always makes me giggle. I'm just odd that way. *shifty*

Of course, when you are searching for a topic to blog about it can be tricky to use Google, seeing as how you need to type something into the toolbar to begin with, and if you can think of something to type, there probably isn't any need to search for a subject. Hmm, perhaps I should blog about overly long sentences. Or pointless Google searches. Anyway....

If Google doesn't help (which is fairly often if I'm really stumped), I start walking around the house looking for something - anything - that could be used to inspire a paragraph or ten. This can really work sometimes. Back last year I was having my usual panic attack one night when I spied my cigarettes and remembered the escapade involving missing cigarettes and possible sightings of Casper the Non-smoking Ghost - hey presto! A blog post! (And yes, I'm a smoker, shoot me now if you like. Though honestly, shooting me would probably kill me, and most people nag at smokers because of the effect on their health, so killing me seems a bit silly. Though if you would like to shoot me because you just can't abide smokers as it is a filthy habit, crack on. I can't stand smokers either, and truly wish I had the will power to give the bloody things up).

Anywho, today Google didn't help me, so I decided to clean (as you do). Going through each room I looked at books, clothes, random objects in the kitchen (the bananas seemed to inspire for a moment or two, then I realised that anything I said about bananas was probably already mentioned in my wobbly sausages post), and just about everything really.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So there we have it. I still don't have anything to blog about. Maybe next time, eh?

Image courtesy of publicdomainimagesdotnet


Jan Morrison said...
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Jan Morrison said...

nothing wrong with a little trip through someone else's brain pan. Seems to have the same things present and the same things missing as mine. interesting.
Jan Morrison

Shaharizan Perez said...


I love your delusionalism (not a word, but it should be) and your randomness.

Amber T. Smith said...

Jan - It's actually a little bit scary. My brain that is. Though to be fair, it's surprising there was anything in there at all to scare people, usually it's pretty empty. :p

Chary - We need to add 'delusionalism' to our Burrowictionary! *nods* Love ya too hun. *glomps*

Hart Johnson said...

*giggles* I quite enjoyed your blog about nothing to blog about, Tara--you get in some interesting stuff anyway, ne?

And I've got a couple new words for the Burrowictionary, though I need to check our rules on STOLEN words... seems they ought to be countable so long as we credit... or so it seems...

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great job coming up with a blog post! I think it worked out great for a topic. :)

CA Heaven said...

Have you tried that "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google? It sometimes brings up cool stuff you've never thought about >:)

Cold As Heaven

Amber T. Smith said...

Tami - Ha! Yup, sometimes my rambling can be interesting, it depends what time of day I type it. *snort* And I'm pretty sure you can add words to the Burrowictionary as long as you credit them properly.

Elizabeth - I was lucky I think - by the time I'd finished explaining what I'd done, I realised that there was enough rambling to fill a post anyway. I was quite happy about that. :)

Cold As Heaven - I'm definitely going to try that one day - though I'm generally not a lucky person, so I dread to think what would come up. *snort*

Natasha said...

Random Wednesdays and Delusional Thursdays are the worst, aren't they? What on earth do you blog about, when you are not 'expected' to blog about something?

But you did manage to spin a decent post out of it!