11 September 2010

Pay it Forward Project

A Random Act of Kindness. Paying it Forward. A moment of your time. A sympathetic ear. A sacrifice. A donation that doesn’t pinch. Wrestling with your conscience to do right. A helping hand extended automatically. Those unexpected kindnesses done to you. Those kindnesses that you do. What goes around, comes around. Help someone, and someone helps you back. 

Read a story of a kindness done. Then click on ahead to see what it leads to. Eventually, big or small, spontaneous or considered, every kindness you do will circle back to you. In our ideal world, no good deed goes unrecognised.*

In August 2010, a dozen talented writers from across the world came together to collaborate on what they called the "Pay it Forward Project". Each picked a character, and wrote a drabble on a random act of kindness being done to their character. The characters were compelled to pass it on, and it eventually came back to them.


Visit The Burrow to see the result of their collaborative effort.
* - this is a drabble- a story told in exactly 100 words.
Photo Credit - adrigu

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CA Heaven said...

Cool project. I'm jumping over to check it out >:)

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