31 May 2012

BuNoWriMo Reminder

Okay everybody - only one more day till this year's mad word count race begins!  Yep, the Burrow is doing it again, holding our own WriMo in the month of June, and you're invited.  Yes, you.  Stop looking around for someone else.  The rules are simple - because there aren't any, really.  I mean, okay, so there's the standard 50,000 words in 30 days thing, but seriously, if you need to edit 500 pages, that's cool, or if you want to add to an existing work or write a drabble a day or just want to have some other writers to kvetch with for a while as you try to cudgel your muse into coughing up your next plotline, that's all just fine and dandy.

Like last year, we're hosting the group over on Facebook; we'll let anyone in as long as you ask nicely, so click here and go for it.  Our graphics whiz, Joris, made us lots and lots of avatars, and you can browse those in the photo album over there.

This one's mine (purple and green, y'see).  MINE.  Muahahahaha!
As for me, after last year's spectacular crash-and-burn (caused mainly, but not entirely, by a malfunctioning laptop) I'm just looking forward to doing some actual writing again.  Characters are yakking at me, I've got a soundtrack cued up and ready to go (it starts with Brahms Op. 115 if anyone cares), and miracle of miracles, I've got the first of June off!  No idea how THAT happened, but I'm planning on taking advantage of that, big time.  So what are you waiting for?  All the cool kids are doing it... well, okay, we're nerds, but nerds ARE the cool kids now, so there.

18 May 2012


And y'know what springtime means?  It means KITTENS!  And PUPPIES!  And they all want to play with me!  Really.

Yesterday one of my friends came over to use my sewing machine (I have a super-spiffy one now, it's kinda awesome).  When I went downstairs to let her in, she hadn't quite made it to my porch yet, but a lovely fluffy white husky saw me and came tearing up the steps to lick my hand and let me scratch her soft fuzzy ears.  She had heterochromia, as so many huskies do, but I've never seen a pure white one before and oh good grief I ADORE white fluffy dogs.  She didn't want to go back to her walker, either; nope, she wanted to stay with me on the porch.  Doggies love me.

More proof?  Okay.  I popped into the pet store to get some stuff for my own kittehs, and was puttering around browsing when a small brown furball with enormous ears came barreling at me.  Turned out to be a 4-month-old French bulldog (I LOVE Frenchies!  Smooshy faces and great big ears!), who promptly plopped down on my feet and let me scratch those exuberant oreilles.  Oh, and his chin.  And his belly.  And his back.  'Cause he was too damn cute not to pet all over.

Oh, and then I had to go pick up some meds for my Rullie-cat, so I popped over to the vet, only to find the receptionist cuddling a small white-footed tabby kitten.  She handed him over so she could go get Rullie's bag, and the little fluff (named Moose - very small moose, if you ask me) proceeded to lick my left arm from wrist to shoulder, nuzzling with his little wet nose all the while.
(Not Moose, but the Burrito {who looks pretty similar, and, let's face it, he's adorable})

So now I totally want more critters.  I can't afford them, and I certainly don't have room for them, but ohhhh... fuzzbabies are the best!

08 May 2012

Hooray, Hooray...

... the 8th of May!  Tami would kill me if I posted about anything else today, so here it is, your rundown of today's obscure holiday.  Hey, if we can have Star Wars Day ("May the Fourth {be with you}!) and of course Cinco de Mayo, what other day could possibly round off this week except - you ready for this one?

National Outdoor Intercourse Day!

I kid you not.

Those goofballs in Tami's town started it, apparently (I know, who'd have thought such a thing originated in a NORTHERN state?  I mean, it gets COLD up there, even in May!  But whatever...), though I hear there are some over in Jason's that say it was their idea.  But WHOEVER started it, it's definitely an amusing addition to those other early-May holidays, especially since we don't get a "real" (as in, government-sanctioned, which, come to think of it, generally does NOT mean it's a hell of a lot of fun {okay, okay, except for the 4th of July, but when you think about it, that was rebelling against a DIFFERENT government [and of course you get to blow stuff up, which is the best part ]}) one till Memorial Day, which is probably how all these extra ones got shoved in here anyway.

So this is the day where you grab your partner of choice and head outside to have a grand ol' time and try not to get arrested for indecent exposure or any of those annoying mood-killers.  At least, those of you who have partners (I don't think it counts if you're flying solo).

And since this is Topical Tuesday, I suppose I should mention some other bits (hah!) of news, like, I dunno, French or Russian elections, or the Avengers' massive first-weekend box office, or baby pills (!!!!!!), buuuuuuuuuuuut those are giant mood-killers too (except maybe the Avengers one {if you like that kind of thing [I'm doing it again with the parentheses, I really need to knock that off, sorry]}) so I'll leave those in the apophasis category and let y'all get on with having a good time, okay?


You all went outside already, didn't you?