Burrow Bio(s)

The Burrow:  It was the brain child of three regular contributors to the Steinbeck Café, a now defunct online writer's café. They assessed the peasantry for other serious writers and an International Collaboration was formed. Since then, we've had many wild, zany adventures and produced at least twenty books. For a more thorough history, please see our introductory post.


Chary Johnson: (aka: Shaharizan Perez; New York City, USA)
Chary teaches special education students in high school general education environment so that students with disabilities get the same opportunities as everyone else. After work she is part of several school committees and coaches a high school bowling team. Chary is also a happily married mother of three who enjoys reading, taking long walks and swimming. With the few minutes remaining in her day, she is working on writing a memoir of life in the Bronx, New York City, during the late 1980's crack epidemic. Chary and her husband are also working on a book about how to foster a healthy relationship in your marriage.

Cruella Collett: (Oslo, Norway)
Cruella is currently doing research for her masterpiece novel, Oh, Hush About Gaijins and Giraffes, We Need to Speak About Unemployment, which probably never will make it out of the proverbial desk drawer. Hopefully, though, a few of her other writings might; as soon as Cruella allows herself the time to actually write them instead of travelling the world or complaining about not travelling the world. Chances are that reality will kick in when Cruella realizes that it takes an actual job to pay for the outrageous student loans she has accumulated, though it remains to be seen whether Cruella will find any more time for writing then...

Hart Johnson: (aka:  Alyse Carlson and The Watery Tart; Michigan, USA)
A super-secret social scientist by day, Hart writes suspense, YA and adult mainstream books  from her bath tub.  She is currently writing book 9 (the second as Alyse Carlson)  Alyse writes Cozy Mysteries for Berkeley Prime Crime--a series to make its first public appearance in June 2012.  The Watery Tart is responsible for most mischief you will ever encounter.  She's incorrigible.

Jan Morrison : (aka Crazy Jane and La Banan; Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada)
 Jan is a playwright, psychotherapist, photographer and poet AND that's just the work she does that starts with the letter P.  She is currently writing a mystery series (on book two) and has a couple of literary fiction works ready to be fully appreciated. She likes to eat, giggle and read.

Jason Drake(aka: JasonD; Clarkston, Washington)
Jason is a philosopher, logician, and humourist with a science background. He won several math awards in his youth and studied physics at Gonzaga University. He later became involved in improvisational theatre because "it looked really hard" and went on to perform in four different comedy troupes. He recently turned his energies to creative writing, excited by the opportunity to create original characters, worlds, and laws of physics. He also built a website from the ground up, teaching himself javascript along the way. Jason aspires to be like Alfred Tarski and T.H. White, even while thinking to himself, "Who doesn't?".

Leanne Rabesa: (aka: ViolaNut; Boston, MA)
Leanne is one of those annoying creative people who can't seem to do anything that most people would consider "normal", but she's okay with that.  She is a professional violist with lots and lots of students, an enthusiastic knitter and occasional designer with more yarn than sense, and a recently hardcore distance runner (see: Boston). As for writing, it tends to be of the fantasy genre, and aimed at people too young to drive - there is usually a dragon in there somewhere, too.  Oh, and she spends rather a lot of time fixing everyone ELSE'S writing...

Rayna Iyer: (aka:  “Mammaaaaaaa!!!!!!!”; Bombay, India)
Rayna Iyer is the pen name of Natasha, who is still trying to figure out how she qualifies to blog on B,B&B. A full-time professional in the development sector, a mother of two primary-school kids, a runner, and a person with too many interests for her own good, she has, for the sake of what little sanity is left her, decided to put all her writerly ambitions on hold, at least for now. Someday, she insists she will start writing again, but till then, she's going to play out her dreams by continuing to inflict you with her blog posts.

Tara Smith: (aka: The One Who Dithers; Cardiff, Wales)
Tara occasionally works silly hours at a newsagents, sometimes blogs (when she remembers to), frequently (tries to) write, and always procrastinates. When she's not busy trying to avoid doing stuff, she can usually be found pulling clumps of her hair out due to the constant pestering she gets from her two kids. In an alternative reality, the chick-lit novel sitting on her hard drive has been recognised as the best thing since sliced bread, and she is currently selling the movie rights to the highest bidder.

How about adding a giraffe? Just a small one. I swear...  And some otters.  And a dragon.  And please don't forget the elephant. And occasionally a boisterous band of whooping llamas.  Because everyone needs their own.  And they often have a lot more to say than we do.

The person responsible for these footnotes has been sacked.

Because they forgot about the moose, you see.  He doesn't bite or anything.  Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.
A moose once bit my sister.  Moose bites can be pretti nasti.

And who left out the crows? They are natural storytellers. Have you ever seen a murder of them sitting around discussing the latest cozy mystery? Why else did you think they formed a murder? 

The person responsible for these footnotes has now been sacked too. 

Don't hold it against the ostrich, though. Nor against the poor elephant who is feeling rather neglected despite her size.

The person responsible for sacking the person responsible for... Wait - I'm sacked?!?

No way!!! Time to put our plans for World Domination into action.

Okay, everybody get naked!