04 September 2010

Drabble Dare # 8 - results!

I hope no one suffers from sore drabble muscles, because.... *drumroll* It is time for another round of DRABBLE DARE RESULTS!

It looks like there is a new star on the Drabble Sky of Fame (yes, there is a Drabble Sky of Fame - why settle for a Hall?), because AGAIN, this week's winner is none other than JULIA KENT! Congratulations!

You'll agree with me that she deserves to win two weeks in a row when you read the drabble:

“Who’s a pretty girl then?”

*whistle, whistle*

“Who’s a pretty girl?”

The men at the bar circle the girls, like birds of prey. In their minds they’re high-flying eagles, or perhaps peacocks. They strut and show their plumage desperately trying to attract attention. In reality, they are more like pelicans. Grounded pelicans.
I make my way to the bar for more vodka. Predictably, I am intercepted. I firmly decline the offers to visit his nest. He waddled off, his feathers clearly ruffled, to pick his next target.

I prefer my men the same way I like my birds – flying free.

Tune in again tomorrow for another Drabble Dare :)


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Congratulations to Julia...great drabble!

Sue said...

Good on you Julia. I love pelicans, but the image of one grounded works really well here.