13 September 2010

Reading Mondays: My Favorite Authors

Since I am reading informational texts of late, I figured that I would talk about my favorite authors. I didn't think anyone wanted to discuss astronomy, algebra or chemistry. Several of my favorite authors are contemporary science fiction writers, those who write memoirs, those who write novels based on true stories and a classic author here and there.

Octavia Butler- Author of Kindred, Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents and many more. I love her books because not only does she bring factual based science into her novels, she touches on the sociopolitical issue of racism in America. As a child, I never really learned about this crucial era in American History. Her books challenge you to ask questions and dig deeper. At times, one feels somewhat uncomfortable at the horrors of this turbulent time but with superlative skill, Butler uses a plethora of descriptive, evocative elements of speech to ease and draw in the reader. Butler uses imagery and emotion effectively and efficiently.

Piri Thomas- Author of Down These Mean Streets. This book was the first memoir I had ever read. I identified with this literary work because many of the challenges Piri faced mirrored the trials that I was experiencing during the 1980's. Down These Mean Streets is filled with drugs, gang violence, adolescence, racism, poverty and assimilation into a society that doesn't really want you. This book is powerful and during my chaotic teenage years- life changing.

Robin Hobb- Author of Farseer Trilogy, The Liveship Traders Trilogy, Tawny Man Trilogy and many more. I love her writing because she is wonderfully creative when it comes to the genre of fantasy. She produces worlds that are whimsical, treacherous and intriguing. She uses all elements (space, time, supernatural abilities, legends, etc.) and incorporates the reader fully into her novels.

Rick Riordan- Author of Percy Jackson series and the Kane Chronicle series. I love Riordan because he empowers the ofen pre-teen/ adolescent protagonist against amazing odds. He thoroughly researches folklore and mythology before incorporating it into his novels. Percy Jackson takes place in current day modern society but has the presence of the Greek Gods who create turmoil for us humans. Ditto for the Kane Chronicles but here we have the Egyptian Gods wreaking havoc all over the world. Entertaining, informative and humorous (thanks to the sarcasm of the main character and sometimes supporting characters), these books are for people both young, old and in between like me.

    Well, I have many more to list but I want to hear from you. Who are your favorite authors and titles? Why is he/she your favorite author? What elements in the novels do you enjoy? Inquiring minds want to know!


      CA Heaven said...

      Here are my favorites authors (favorite books in parentheses):

      Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment, The Gambler, The Idiot, House of the Dead) because of the way he writes about conflict, both internal and between different persons.

      Knut Hamsun (Hunger, Mysteries) because he's Dostoyevsky light

      Henrik Ibsen (Ghosts, Enemy of the People, Dolls House) because he was a fucking genius and a provocative rebel of his time.

      Jean Genet (The Thief's Journal, Miracle of the Rose) because of the contrasts between theme and style. He writes about the most dreadful things in the most fabulous prose.

      Thomas Bernhard (Wittgenstein's Nephew, Concrete) because he is harassing the cultural elite (in Vienna) in such a hilarious way.

      Cold As Heaven

      Hart Johnson said...

      Chary-Rick Riordan is the only one of these I've read, but your descriptions are great. I am thinking those top two might be good for my daughter--she's at an age where awareness of the uglier side of society really can have a powerful impact.

      Unknown said...

      @Cold as Heaven,

      I have heard of Dotoyevsky but am not familiar with any of the other authors. I am adding them on to my wishlist. I find them intriguing.

      Unknown said...

      @ Hart- Ooh good. I loved Piri Thomas as a teenager. I also loved James Baldwin. Their literary works touch on controversal themes like racism, homosexuality, etc.

      Octavia Butler is my all time favorite. I really hope Natalie enjoys her. :D

      Anita said...

      Well...the author who's impacted my life the most is JK Rowling. Ihad kids just the right age for her books when they started appearing, and they set my family on a course for years. So...for all the fun times she's given me, it's gotta be JK.

      Unknown said...

      @Anita- I love JK Rowling. It's how I met so many of my online friends. I still re-read the Harry Potter series every now and then.

      I also passed on the bug to my little ones. This summer we visited Universal Studios and had butterbeer in Hogsmeade at the Three Broomsticks. It was awesome!

      ViolaNut said...

      *grin* If I listed all my favourites, it'd be as long as all our blog entries so far COMBINED. ;-) So I won't... yet. I'll have a new heap in a couple of weeks when it's my turn for Monday, though. :-)

      Shaharizan Perez said...

      Yay! I can't wait to read your list Leanne. :D