17 January 2012

Frickin' Freezing!

Topical Tuesday, eh? Well, I have to admit, the only topic on my mind right now is IT'S REALLY FREAKIN' COLD! Or rather, it's finally getting down to normal winter temperatures and hooboy, it is seriously time to bundle up!

Okay. So, I know perfectly well that it was way colder than this when I was in college - I went to school in Rochester, NY, and we got lake-effect all kinds of rubbish up there (wind, snow, you name it), so I guess being back here further east where the ocean theoretically modulates the worst of it has turned me soft. But I'm still cold.

My best friend's husband lived in Antarctica for 5 months once. If you go outside in Antarctica dressed for, say, a typical New England fall day, you freeze to death in pretty damn short order. And the entire continent is covered in ice, after all. So it must be worse there. But I'm still cold.

You know what else comes to mind when I think "cold"? Siberia. Big ol' furry hats and Russian men with giant wooly overcoats bundled up so closely that all you can see are their eyes peering out between the hat brim and the coat collar = seriously freezing. But I'm still cold.

So what am I doing about it? I sewed myself a pair of fleece pants, for starters; oh, and a new cover for my heating pad, that's made of flannel and quite cozy, really. I've got cats all over me - well, okay, one on my legs and one on my belly, but close enough - and hot drinks, and a down comforter and a space heater. Wooly socks (damn right I knitted 'em myself!), flannel sheets, two blankets, and fingerless gloves (yep, knitted those too).

You know what?

That should do it.

(So why am I STILL COLD?!?!?)

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Jan Morrison said...

a warm bath does it for me. it is cold here too. my soul hides around my back-bone this time of year and won't come out.

Unknown said...

I hear you! It was freezing in NYC this weekend. Now it is just wet and soggy. A warm bath sounds really good though. :D

ViolaNut said...

But, you guys... I don't have a bathtub! :-(