09 October 2010


WEEKEND!!! If you're Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving! If you're American, Happy Columbus Day (which is utter bollocks, but whatever, we get a day off). If you're from somewhere else and you don't get a holiday this weekend, sorry...

Now, I'm sure you've all already checked out today's new drabble over at The Burrow, right? If not, go do that, I'll still be here when you get back.

All set? Okay, good. Your next assignment is to go read up on what those Burrowers who have individual blogs have been getting up to lately. See, October is National Blog Writing Month, or NaBloWriMo for short (and very fun to say). And most of the crew is participating, because they're completely bonkers or something like that, I don't know. *shakes head* As far as I can tell ('cause I'm not doing it, not having a blog of my own, which is why you're reading this ramble here), the only rule is to post at least one blog entry a day for the entire month of October. I think it's supposed to be a warm-up for NaNoWriMo (y'all know that one, right? National Novel Writing Month? 50,000 words in 30 days? Yeah, that.), but it also means that, in addition to the daily dose of - erm - whatever it is we're coming up with over here, you can also check out Tara, Natasha, Mari and Tami all by their lonesomes (some with pen names, even!).

In the mood for trouble? Struggling with general writing issues? You need to go have the Tart whip you into shape (possibly literally, but it doesn't hurt... much...). Clothing discouraged, but bringing pudding would be a good idea. So get naked, and then click here.

You never quite know what Mari's going to come up with next - you may find reasoned discourse on Nobel prize winners, paeans of praise for giraffes, thesis rants, or anything in between. If you bring Starbucks, you get bonus points (because believe it or not, there are no Starbucks in Norway!!!). Got your coffee and your slug saddle? Then you're ready to click here.

Speaking of coffee, drop by for a cup with Rayna, who frequently showcases original photography, excellent drabbles, and hilarious anecdotes featuring her adorable sons (I can say that, 'cause they're not mine). Whatever you find, be prepared for a good long think afterward - so get comfortable, and click here.

Last but not least, it's the Queen of Taff, Lady Tara herself. We'll figure out which of us is the worse procrastinator... errrm... later. Meanwhile, all of this month's topics have been suggested by her readers, so it's a wild grab-bag and thoroughly excellent for aiding and abetting one's own procrastinating tendencies. Find something to do, then click here instead.

And I would be remiss (and probably yelled at) if I failed to mention Chary, who, although not on the NaBloWriMo wagon, still has a darn good blog of her own that you really should go read. You know, like now. Why are you still here? Oh, sorry, my bad - click here.

What, you're back? Sorry, that was pretty much all I had to say for today. Oh, all right, here, have some bouncing otters. Happy now?


CA Heaven said...

Didn't know that Canadians have Thanksgiving more than a month before the Americans. Do the Canadians eat the same traditional turkey-and-sweet-potato-and-cranberry meal?

Cold As Heaven

Cruella Collett said...

Tee hee, now I want to bounce too. *squee*

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and American Columbus Day and elsewhere non-holiday *sigh* !

Marjorie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians!

Look Otters!

*is easily distracted*

ViolaNut said...

I just adore otters. :-) I'd have to ask Leslie about Canadian Thanksgiving customs... but I think they're similar to American ones.