03 October 2010

The Colour Project

No worries, this is not going to be a rehash of that old "double-rainbow-all-the-way" meme that rampaged across the internet this summer. It is, however, a hint for the brand-new, currently-unfolding, super-colourful project upon which we have embarked this month. A drabble a day, each on an aspect of a colour, set to different images. So head on over to our other home (that would be the-burrow.org in case you forgot) today and every day this month for a new drabble, a new picture, and, just maybe, a new look on the world.

Image: Rainbow over Glasgow, August 2008

1 comment:

Shaharizan Perez said...

I am so excited to be doing this project. I really had a lot of fun!