02 October 2010

Saturday Mismatch

Ahoy me hearties! It be Saturday today, and that being the case it be a drabble day. Afore I go any further, I’ll just be rambling a little litany for ye. Ye see, although I’m thinking me portrait were a rip-roaring image to use for your inspiration, it seems that you’re all too busy with your pirating ways and haven’t managed to scribble on your planks! If I were an evil pirate, I’d be making ye walk the plank, but I’m a nice pirate and so I’ll let ye live to sail another day. Ar, that be right, me hearties!

As well as being scallywag pirates, me fellow Burrowers also like to scribble on planks ourselves, and now and again we also like to mix things around, just to keep things as fresh as the sea we sail upon. As any pirate will tell ye, ye have to keep one step ahead if ye want to avoid the hangman’s noose. Aye, me hearties, ye have to be cunning to be a successful pirate o’ the seas in today’s world. Complacency has no home aboard me ship, and not aboard the ship of any decent pirate. Yo ho ho, me hearties!

I’ll be keeping me portrait up for a wee while longer, so any pirates-to-be can still have a go at scribbling on their planks (or any other piece o’ wood they can get their hands on). In the meantime, me and me fellow pirates be working out some new crew duties for the Good Ship Burrow. But never fear, we still be sailing to a shore near you each and every day, just like we always do (well, except for once, and that blogging pirate still be having nightmares ‘bout the sharks. No decent pirate can let mutiny be unpunished).

Afore I go, I be having a little puzzle for ye. Look at this post, and look closely. This pirate be sneaky and cunning in more ways than one (like all good pirates should be). If ye be wanting to be a true heartie, then ye be figuring it out in no time, but iffen you don’t spot what I be puzzling about, have no fear, for if you have to work at it then ye be showing your dedication to becoming a pirate of the first order, and that be something to be proud of, to be sure. Arrr!

Well I be getting away now afore I mangle me litany so much that I confuse all of ye. Don’t forget to gaze at me portrait again (it be floating on the sea on the eastern side) and see if me rugged pirate looks inspire a drabble or two. All scribbles to be placed in a bottle and thrown overboard, addressed to theburrow360atgmaildotcom, and make sure you be using ‘Drabble Dare #10’ in the subject line. I’ll be off now so that I can join me crew and get brainstorming. Have a bottle o’ rum this weekend, and keep pirating!


ViolaNut said...

Arrrrr, matey, this be pleasin' to me eye! ;-)

(Gotta love Facebook Pirate...)

Shaharizan Perez said...

I wish I could talk like a pirate. :P