14 October 2010

Requests? Are you MAD???

I've definitely partaken of the crazy stuff this month, no question, so taking my turn at Delusional Thursday is very apt. Of course, I'm usually pretty loopy on any given day anyway, so why is this particular month even more crazy than usual? Well, it's pretty simple really. I decided to take up the NaBloWriMo challenge (which basically means posting a new blog entry every day for the month of October).

Now, I didn't officially join as such, because you're supposed to register in order to do it properly, but because I know how easily I fall off the blogwagon I decided to play along unofficially.

Unlike my good Burrowing buddies Tami and Rayna (who blog pretty much every day of every month anyway), or even Chary and Mari (who blog perhaps not every day, but still a heck of a lot more than me), my blog participation is sporadic to say the least. I started off well, and blogged almost every day for a couple of months, but then I left it for a while and have never really got back to it properly.

In an effort to get my dithering butt back into gear, I thought I'd give this blog challenge a go. Not sounding delusional enough yet? Don't worry, I'm getting there.

Most of my blogging problems stem from the inability to think of a subject to blog about, so with this problem needing addressing immediately, I required topics to ramble about if I wanted to complete the challenge. Fabulous Facebook was very useful here. *nods* I posted a status asking for five topics from six people (and also made the same request on my blog) so that I wouldn't have to worry about what I would write for the coming month. My friends were fantastic and stepped up to the challenge swiftly, and this is the schedule that was formed:

October 1 – Maria - Lost loves
October 2 – Maria - the people you see every day on the street (the ones you don't know)
October 3 – Maria - your favourite childhood hideout/ or fort/ getaway space
October 4 – Maria - your thoughts on a topic that you are not qualified/have no business discussing (oh I don't know nuclear physics, genomics?)
October 5 – Maria - Your thoughts on pickles
October 6 – Natasha - Wedge heels v/s Sneakers, or either of them
October 7 – Natasha - Everyone loves a good Fireworks Display, or plain Fireworks
October 8 – Natasha - Ashes, of the Cricketing variety
October 9 – Natasha - Of Birds and Bees
October 10- Natasha - Let's all be friends
October 11 – Tami - Do some romantic 'ships' across books... you know... introduce Mr. Darcy to Scarlett O'Hara or something...
October 12 – Tami - Take us to some of Cardiff's (or Wales') entertainment spots and show us around
October 13 – Tami - Put your writing and editing plans OUT THERE (the accountability helps me--I may go slower, but if I've put it out into the ether, I try to follow through)
October 14 – Tami - A LIST of the writing distractions
October 15 – Tami - A good old fashioned rant: you decide about what.
October 16 – Weesa - Advice to beginning writers
October 17 – Weesa - Purple
October 18 – Weesa - Knitting
October 19 – Weesa - Viggo (Mortensen)
October 20 – Weesa - Imagination
October 21 – Mark – Ice skating
October 22 – Mark - casseroles
October 23 – Mark – Ron Weasley
October 24 – Mark - darts
October 25 – Mark – Noel Edmunds
October 26 – Dave - coke
October 27 – Dave - wotsits
October 28 – Dave – Cheryl Cole
October 29 – Dave – X Box
October 30 – Dave - Maids
October 31 – summary of month.

Still not getting the delusional vibe? Let me ramble a bit more then.

You might think that having the subjects laid out for you would be most helpful. For the most part it is, don't get me wrong. but there's one teeny disadvantage when you have a specific topic to blog about. What the hell do you do when you don't know anything about the topic in question?

Okay, there's always trusty Wiki to fall back on, and the internet in general is a perfect tool for finding out stuff. But I'm very lazy, you see, and I don't really like to research. *shifty* Plus there are certain subjects that I'll never understand, or will ever be remotely interested in. It's pretty hard to write about something that falls into either of these categories, and when your nature is to put things off, especially when it doesn't interest you, well... you can see my dilemma.

The thing is, when I promise to do something, I really hate letting people down. It has happened, of course - sometimes it is inevitable - but as a rule I try to keep to my word. I'm up to date so far, and have posts scheduled up to the 14th (I'm writing this on the 12th as I have work commitments on Wednesday and Thursday), but I've got some kooky subjects coming up that may well end up stumping me. I'll do my best to come up with something, but chances are that several of my October posts are going to end up being pure gobbledygook (rather than the sometimes gobbledygook that they normally are).

Obviously I am mad, which is why I term this as delusional. *nods*

But I am now one post short of the half-way point, so I'm not going to give up. And if my wotsits post ends up being cheesy (if you know what wotsits are, you should be rolling you eyes at that one), or my X Box ramble doesn't make any sense at all, then so be it. No one said these posts had to be brilliant pieces of literature, did they?

Just as well really...

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Amie Borst said...

don't give up! you can do it!

and personally i think it's great that you've made this commitment and are sticking to it! *claps!*

Hart Johnson said...

*joins clapping*

You're definitely doing great! And hopefully getting back in your daily writing habit, which is the POINT (at least as I understand it). And if you're a little delusional... well who isn't?

ViolaNut said...

As far as I'm concerned, to write books about magical talking cats, if you are NOT delusional, you've got problems. ;-) Just hurry up and do it so I can read it, eh?

Amber T. Smith said...

Thanks Amie! I'm really hoping that I'll make it!

Tami - Yup, that's definitely the point. I desperately need to get the writing juices flowing again if I want to get books published - after all, they need to be WRITTEN first, don't they? *snort*

Leanne - Yes Ma'am! And of COURSE I'm delusional, that goes without saying...