17 October 2010

Drabble Poll

So we... Burrowistically speaking... were sure when we started this venture, that we would attract thousands... or maybe dozens... of people THRILLED with the idea of drabbling weekly... that a competition of sorts would draw LOTS of readers and writers to enter and recruit all of them to a lifetime of drabbling...

It isn't clear to me now why we thought it was so seductive... except that somehow the idea seduced all of US—but I'm pretty easy to seduce... a nice man-thigh in a lovely garter and I'm sold... but y'all knew I was easy...

Anyway... as far as our public outing... we've had lukewarm to moderate participation at best. That is not to say the entrants haven't been fabulous, because mostly they HAVE, but they have NOT been as numerous as we expected. So today we are trying to do a bit of analysis (or rather data collection to be FOLLOWED by analysis) to see what we might do to improve our popularity. *pushes up boobs to improve illusion of cleavage*

SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us out with the following questions...

1) Have you participated? (How often? Once or more?)
2) Are there any who like reading and pondering the image but are not interested in participating?
3) If (when) you DON'T participate, why not?
4) Would you participate (be more or less likely) if you could post on your blog and link directly?
5) Would you like to see us continue?
6) How often? (weekly, 2X a month, once a month, special occasions?)
7) As a contest, or just as a fun activity (no judging)?

This blog is a collective identity for the Burrow, but we also need to navigate our collective existence, so your help is very appreciated in figuring out if readers LIKE this and/OR want it to continue.

I'd like to promise that if drabbling discontinued, it would be replaced by Naked World Domination, but there are a few clothed sticklers, so the replacement will surely be more traditional... just in case that was why any of you were holding out...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well, I've just joined recently so:
1.Haven't participated yet.
2&3. Would like to attempt but fear will be a shoddy affair.
4. I can email it, no problem...
5. Please do continue, I attempted drabbles on my blog (very new and raw), thanks to you.
6. Twice a month or monthly to get the fuzzy brain working.
7. Some for fun , some contests...need a carrot and a stick for lazybones like me.
Hope it wasn't to long. Ciao.

Bythesea333 said...

!.. I have not participated.
2. I enjoy reading the drabbles.
3. I may participate one day, but don't know how inspiring my drabble would be.
4. Do continue. I think the voices are interesting and diverse.
5. Once a week is good.
6. Would need to think about that.

Mason Canyon said...

I've never heard my hand at the drabbles but I do enjoy reading those of others. One day I might just get brave enough to try one. I do hope you'll continue.

Thoughts in Progress

Kas said...

1) Have you participated? Once.
3) If (when) you DON'T participate, why not? Well, the time I DID participate was because I really liked the image. If the image doesn't grab me.. I won't take the time. I really liked the first one too (or so I'm remembering) but didn't know what this was all about yet. :)
4) Would you participate (be more or less likely) if you could post on your blog and link directly? *indifferent*
5) Would you like to see us continue? yes! I like to read them.
6) How often? (weekly, 2X a month, once a month, special occasions?) Mm. I might be more likely to participate if they were less often?
7) As a contest, or just as a fun activity (no judging)? Either-Or. :)

Jan Morrison said...

1) I think I participated twice.
2) Hmmm...no.
3) I like reading drabbles and it is somewhat fun to write them but I'm just toooooo busy.
4) No.
5) yes
6) once a month might be good.
7) oh, I love the contest part but I don't know - perhaps just post all of them but pick the ones you like or...sorry not much help. I have the same problem with my Friday Challenge - people SAY they like them but really my response would be much huger if I just asked everyone what they had for breakfast. sad but true.

Ketutar said...

well... it would be easier to answer the questions and get interested in drabbling if I knew what it is.
Perhaps it's common knowledge of all Burrowers, but some of us get here by accident, and don't bother googling drabbling :-D

I ASSUME it's "blogging in exactly 100 words"

Have I participated... in what? Writing drabbles? Drabbling weekly? Participation somehow refers to at least on some level agreed to group activity... I think... weekly drabble competition?
As you can notice of my confusion, I haven't participated... what ever it is I was supposed to have participated in. I'm sure, because I haven't written one drabble in my life. I think it's safe to assume I haven't even participated in anything that has to do with drabbles.

"Any who like reading..." Reminds me of mr. Gardener who "liked watching" :-D Is one supposed to write a drabble about that foot? Is that we should be pondering?
I'm sorry, I'm not a regular Burrow reader, so I'm hopelessly ignorant.
But, I cannot say I would be one "who like reading and pondering the image"... I might be. I'm really easy too, just throw me a challenge and I'm likely to take it. At least if I get it's a challenge.

I don't participate because I'm hopelessly ignorant.

I read about a guy who wrote erotic short stories for porn magazines, and he had a brilliant formula - all his stories were exactly 8 pages or something like that, and had a perfect composition... I suppose writing drabbles (if those are the 100 words blog entries) would be an interesting experiment to learn what 100 words is in practice...

BTW, do you know what a "flogel" is? Someone was wondering if his free internet novels were blogels, blogellas or flogels... Blogels and blogellas I get, but flogels? Flog blog novel? That you kind of publish your novel on line just to get your "real" books sold?
I hate not knowing what words mean :-D

"Would you participate if you could post on your blog and link directly?"

I can't?
I don't think it has much to do with it... it's the writing that's a "problem", not being used to this specific art form, not where you publish it. But I have to say that I want to publish what I write also in my own blog, or at least give a link to it...
But what do I know how this drabble thing works. What I know is that I work so that if you ask me a question, I try to answer. Aspie feature, I suppose. :-D

Of course I would like to see you continue. As often as you like, but at least once a month. Make it a blog meme thingy and post it to "weekly blog memes", and you might get more "customers". Though I don't know if "weekly blog memes" exist anymore...

I haven't been feeling well lately. It has been more than a year since I last felt ok for a longer time. So I'm not very active on-line either.

Contests add to interest, of course, but I think a lot of people would do it just for the fun of it. Isn't there some flash writing thingy going on, with surprisingly many participants?

As said, I know nothing and I'm full of crap and all that :-D

It all falls to how much time and interest you have doing this. If people don't seem to be interested, and that is getting you down, don't continue.

You could have a give-away... prizes randomly to those who write a drabble :-D
I can donate a gift, like a bookmark or so. ;-)