27 December 2010

Reading Monday: Sci-fi and Mystery Collide

Welcome everyone.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  For those of you who are lucky to be off this week, it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading.  For those who don't have the week off, so sorry.  Get in a chapter or two wherever you can.  The word "wherever"  looks odd but I just looked it up, it's spelled correctly. :D

Up first is the Stephen Baxter Manifold Series

Manifold: Time-  Book 1-  The entire series centers around astronaut and entrepreneur Reid Malenfant. An asteroid is discovered that is a time portal to various points in time of the human race.  Manifold: Time is primarily dealing with the passage of time and the fate of the human race.  Are we really alone?  How do we evolve?  Is there an end or cataclysmic event that decimates the Earth and all life on it?  This book is a combination of an answer to the Fermi Paradox (explained below) and the Doomsday argument.

Manifold: Origin-  Book 2- This book still centers around Reid Malenfant but in a parallel universe of Earth.  A red moon mysteriously appears and Reid is transported to this alien landscape.  He encounters several species of primates, including those which we believed to be the ancestors of man.  It is a different perspective of Manifold: Time and tackles the questions of origin.  Where did we come from?  How did we get here?  What happens to us now?

Manifold: Space- Book 3- This book revolves around the detection of alien activity.  Reid Malenfant uses technology to colonize the galaxy.  The human race is faced with eradication caused by a pulsar star event.  The pulses create such high radiation and emit so much energy, the human race becomes sterile.  The questions here are:  Can the human race survive a cataclysmic event?  Where do we go from here?  What happens to us?  Is there anyone out there who can help?

Manifold: Phase Space- Book 4 (I have not read yet but put it on my wishlist for hubby to purchase).

All of these books try to provide a solution to the Fermi paradox.  This is the argument by Enrico Fermi, that we are truly alone.  In a universe as old as ours, he claims that extraterrestrial life should be more than evident.  However, the human race has not collected any true evidence that there is life out there, somewhere.  Fermi concludes that the universe is so vast and has existed so long , it is difficult for any one advanced civilization to exist for long periods of time.  He explains that this may be why it seems that the human race is alone in the galaxy at this point in time.  There are several counterarguments but I won't get into that.  :D

Well, I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have.  It contains everything from science fiction to murder and mystery.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Take care,

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