28 December 2010

New Year's Sneak Peek

Topical Tuesday, eh? I have to admit the only topic on my mind is the immense amount of snow outside my window... but I wrote about snow last time (although that was in the "lack thereof" category). Retail is still in holiday mode, but Mari covered that pretty well, both this year and last.

So I guess I'll look at the upcoming New Year, tie on my goofy kerchief and gaze into my crystal ball (okay, okay, it's actually a vase) and make some wild and crazy predictions for 2011. How's that sound?

1. Tara and I will continue to tussle over the "who's the biggest procrastinator" title. We're both really good at it (maybe that should be "really bad", huh?), and yet somehow I feel like she ends up with better stuff out of it. Hmph. I'll have to work on that.

2. More Burrowers will complete books and even (gasp!) get publishing contracts. *nods earnestly* I have great faith in my fellow nutcases 'round these here parts, and considering the number of written-already-but-needing-cleaning manuscripts we've got floating around (or sitting in my living room in binders, as the case may be), at least one more of us will HAVE to get a break. Right?

3. My cat Durwen will become a YouTube dancing star. He has a short clip already posted (courtesy of my roommate), but we're planning on doing a full dance video to that old song - hell, what's it called... probably "You Can Dance if you Want To", but if that's not the title then you can figure it out from that anyway. Wanna see his moves? Too bad.

4. We will hit 200 followers. Hey, we've already got over 100, it could happen. All it takes is a whole lot of shameless self-promotion (which in my case means mostly posting links on my Facebook page, but I've got it in my email signature as well).

5. I will adopt a hedgehog. Yep, I'm currently obsessed with the prickly little cuties, but since I live in a city with really-freakin'-cold winters (Leslie and Mari are laughing right now... don't deny it, you two) and hedgies need to stay above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, I figure I'll be much less stressed about getting him used to me and the house and stuff if I'm not also constantly panicking about him accidentally going into hibernation (which is usually fatal for the housepet type).

*takes off kerchief* Okay, I think those are wacky enough for now. So let's see how many of them turn out to be true... Now all I have to do is remember to come back and check this post at this time next year. I predict that THAT will be the easiest of them all. ;-)


Will Burke said...

Good luck with those, especially the 400 followers and publishing. Hell, aim high and get all of you pulished!

Hart Johnson said...

Yeah--I'm with Will--Lets get ALL of us published! And you procrastination types need to get WRITING! One page a day is a book in a year! And if you get a hedgehog, I will REALLY have to figure out a way to come visit you.

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Coming back may be "the easiest of them all" but my prediction is that you'll forget. LOL :o)

ViolaNut said...

Will - I said 200, but okay, 400, let's see what we can do. ;-)

Tami - I know, I know, I know... And if I get my hedgie, you can most certainly come visit (actually, you can come anyway, but you know what I mean).

Mary - Oh, I never forget anything... *evil laugh* Okay, slight exaggeration, but yeah, that'll be the easy one for sure. ;-)