05 December 2010

The Burrow Advent Calendar - 2010

Two years back, the Burrow mounted the "Advent Calendar" for the first time. An interactive feature, you could click on a drabble a day, everyday, leading upto Christmas. We hosted the project again, with a new set of drabbles last year.

This year, however, we are breaking tradition slightly- in our Advent Calendar we are counting down, not to Christmas, but to the New Year.
In addition to the Burrowers, most of whom you know intimately from this blog, Jan Morrison has contributed two drabbles, both accompanied by her stunning photographs. We also have the four drabbles that were chosen as the winners of the Drabble Dare # 11, one of which has already been revealed.

Do check out the Project, and be sure to book-mark the page so you can get your drabble a day, everyday.
Happy Reading.

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CA Heaven said...

Great. I like a non-material Christmas calendars, in particular when it aims at new year >:)

Cold As Heaven

Jan Morrison said...

hi burrowers! This looks cool and I'm glad to be part of such a wonderful tradition - thanks for inviting me to play!

James C. Wallace II said...

So.... Who was the first winning drabble??
I can't find it on the website and I would love to know.

Sue said...

One of my Jewish friends is opening this, her first ever, Advent Calendar this year. A perfect introduction, thankyou.

ViolaNut said...

James - the first drabble winner to open is YOU! :-) Click on #4. As for the others, everybody has to wait until it's their date to open... ;-)