15 December 2011

Doot doo, doodoodoo...

Mahna mahna!

Okay, so I originally just stuck that in here as a placeholder so I wouldn't forget to write my post, but what the hell, it's Delusional Thursday and I want a mahna mahna!

Whatever that is.

It was a regular random insertion into conversations when I was a kid - boring car ride? Mahna mahna! Awkward silence? Mahna mahna! Sister getting on my nerves again? Mahna mahna!

It has recently resurfaced with the new Muppets movie, and you know what? That makes me very happy. It is a piece of silliness from my childhood brought forward into a new millennium, it is my obsession du jour (de la semaine?), and it is so off-the-wall that it can be added to nearly anything.

Then there's the fact that it's the holiday season and I work retail in addition to my more artistic pursuits, and sometimes nothing expresses my feelings about a particular customer or situation better than a heartfelt MAHNA MAHNA!

And for those poor benighted souls who have somehow missed out on the whole phenomenon, here you go - the original Muppet Mahna Mahna!

(I picked this one 'cause it's 2:26 long... and that's my birthday, so you know what, it's like, a sign, man! Right? Right!? Oh... mahna mahna! :-P )


Amber T. Smith said...

Man, I love Mahna Mahna.... me and the hubby come out with it now and again, and we do a nice mahna mahna duet. No seriously... we do. *nods*

ViolaNut said...

And why on earth would I not believe you? ;-) Oh, one more thing...


Unknown said...

I so love the muppets. My favorites are Animal and the old guys.