08 December 2011

Delusional Thursday: Delusions of Affluence

If I won the lottery . . .

My husband and I have discussed this in great detail.  It would help if I played or participated in any way shape or form in the lottery- but that's neither here nor there.  Here is how it would go down. . .
  1. Open up trust funds for my kids so they don't blow through it all.  They can't touch it until they are 26 (with the condition that they each graduate with a bachelor's and master's degree).  Yeah, I know- a bit harsh but I want them to understand the value of money and good credit.
  2. Take a leave of absence and go with hubby to Bora Bora.  I have always wanted to go to the Tahitian Islands.  An over-the-water bungalow preferably so I could snorkel and enjoy the sea life. 
  3. I would not resign from the Department of Education, but there would be some serious changes at my school.  I would buy the parking lot behind Chelsea High School and build a state of the art physical education facility.  I would also have an art studio installed with all types of machines (kilns, pottery stations, etc.).  There would also be a music studio and I would ask the principal to hire a music teacher.  As you can tell, the high school in which I teach does not have any of these luxuries.
  4. I would NOT work summer school and write to my heart's content.  I would be able to write in any setting in the world while sipping on cosmopolitan's.  This is a biggie for me since at the moment, I do not have enough time for my writing.  I'm too busy being mom, wife, teacher, daughter and everything else under the sun. I would probably be able to finish an entire book in a year.  *gets teary eyed just thinking about it*
  5. I would donate a large portion to the AIDS Foundation and the American Diabetes Association.  
  6. I don't know if it's possible but I would get my loved one a spleen transplant so that he would not have to take insulin anymore.  I suppose it may be possible since in this technologically and medically aged, doctors can transplant hearts lungs kidneys and livers.
  7. I would buy a house and make it eco-friendly.   I want everything from wind turbines for clean energy to water barrels filled with rain water (to be used for the lawn or toilet water).  

What would you do if you won the lottery?  It's nice to dream a little dream from time to time.

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Jan Morrison said...

I like your list - mine wouldn't be so different. Not interested in Tahiti but would travel. Would write and probably still do my other work (therapy) but like you in a NEW improved setting. I'd probably build a big clubhouse for my young (17-32) clients with lots for them to do. And I'd put money into anything involving 12 year old girls in disadvantaged situations.
nice to dream...maybe I should buy one of those things?

Ann Summerville said...

I often dream of winning but rarely buy a ticket. I would start a no-kill animal shelter, provide money to improve the pregnancy crisis center where I volunteer and treat friends and family to a cruise.

Shaharizan Perez said...

@Jan- Great minds think alike!

@Ann- those are wonderful humanitarian deeds. Let's hope that one day, one of us wins. The world would be a better place.