01 August 2010

Drabble Dare #4

IMAGE: Journey to the Edge of the Map
ARTIST: Joris Ammerlaan

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! MonsterDrabbleJam 2010!

Featuring... you.

Rules- The writer produces a drabble (story written in exactly 100 words) and emails the finished product to the Burrow at theburrow360 (at) gmail dot com. Here is an example of a drabble written to an image. If your pen-name is different from the name that appears on the e-mail, please also mention the pen-name (and the name of your blog, if you have one).


Mason Canyon said...

What a great painting. This should inspire some interesting Drabbles. Can't wait to see what is selected.

Thoughts in Progress

TreeX said...

Hey... That's mine... I can barely keep my eyes open, but I'lll eagerly await the results :)

Unknown said...

I love the image. It brings to mind journeys that have yet to begin. :D

I am looking forward to reading the entries.

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

her should be some interesting thoughts with this one.

Ann said...

When does it have to be in? I too am looking forward to reading all the entries.

Beatnheart said...

i would love to someday write a drabble...or a dribble as word check just corrected me. Either way, dribble or drabble I’ll shall try one one day.

Ella said...

Gorgeous work...love this pic; I am tempted...time will tell~