20 March 2012

Topical Tuesday: Taking Students to DC

Tomorrow, my school will be taking the junior class, 11th graders, to Washington D. C.  I am one of the chaperons, may the universe help me!  I will be gone from Wednesday morning to Friday evening.  Not really sure about the hotel accommodations but last year, they stayed at the Comfort Inn.  I know that I will not bring a bathing suit and I will not be swimming with the students!  It will be nice to see them in a setting outside of school.  

Have I mentioned that I have not packed nor do I have any travel supplies ready?  I should probably do that, huh?

 We are taking the students on a tour of various colleges in the DC area.  I believe we will be going to George Washington University, Howard University, Lincoln University and two or three different Institutes that focus on vocational trades.  We'll also get to tour the National Mall.  I'm excited as I have never been to DC and want to see the Smithsonian.  

I have mixed feelings about this trip.  I do want the students to get a good idea of college life and all of the possibilities their future can hold.  However, some students who are behavior problems are attending the trip and I really don't feel that they should attend.  Misbehavior in school is indicative of misbehavior in public.  *feeling conflicted*

Well, wish me luck!  I promise to take plenty of photos and post on my next blog post!

First image taken from Wikimedia Commons.
Second image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

The one time I visited D.C., I had such a memorable time.

Cruella Collett said...

Good luck, Chary! DC is an amazing city to visit, and I'm sure it's pretty spectacular this time of year (I think the cherry blossom is about now).