01 March 2012

Snow!!! Errr... no.

As usual when I can't think of something, I fall back on the weather. This time, it's my personal delusion that it should always, always, always snow on my birthday. Hey, it happens most years - it's in February, after all - and I would sometimes get snow days for my birthday when I was a kid, which, gotta tell you, was completely awesome. This year, though, we've had maybe two days of measurable snow, and one of 'em was way back in October! So when the forecast said snow for Wednesday, well, okay, a little late but better than nothing!

Errrrm... well, we got some snow. It was wet and floopy but things were white! And pretty! Winter Wonderland in the Arboretum! And then it changed to rain. And sleet. And general gross nasty cold wet ugh.

I'm calling shenanigans on this weather. I live in the Northeastern US, you're telling me that it's freakin' MARCH and this is only our 3rd snow? Snow is the whole POINT of winter! If you've gotta put up with bundling up and freezing your toeses and noses and all, then at least you should get pretty white stuff to make up for it. It looks nice, you can throw it at people, you can build snowmen and igloos and forts (okay, okay, yes, you have to shovel out cars and sidewalks and driveways too, but minor inconvenience compared to a good snowball fight) - and we're just not getting any.

No fair, man. No fair.

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ViolaNut said...

Okay. NOW it's snowing... :-D

Shaharizan Perez said...

I want snow too!

Hart Johnson said...

We've had so little this year. And I LIKE snow. But I am strangely okay with the lack of snow because it has also been MILD. While i like snow, I hate cold.