28 November 2011


So it's Reading Monday, and I'm supposed to give you guys some kind of review on something that I have read recently. But this is me, and it is 'that' time of year, so I'm taking a slight detour. You see, I haven't actually read anything lately apart from emails and a few blogs. I managed to read something different last week though - my daughter's Christmas list. Every year we dig out the Argos book (Argos is the place to go if you want decent prices for anything from Barbie dolls to a new bed) and my kids go through and write down the things they would like to recieve on Christmas day. We have an understanding - they can write down pretty much anything, as long as they realise that they won't get everything they ask for. Mostly it's just a good way for mum and dad to get some ideas.

Anyway, the son was pretty predictable and mainly stuck to video games and DVD's. The daughter was pretty predictable too, but Ellie has a way of doing things that is funny. Totally unintentional, but funny. Here's a virtual copy of her list - I'll try to copy word for word, but may change a few things so that it is legible. *snort*

Ellie's Christmas List from the Argos catalog, and Play.com, and the internet.

Zhu Zhu puppies, the purple and pink glittery one.
Moxie Girlz lush pets.
Design a friend doll. The one called Ellie like me.
Rosy doll with the Hello Kitty top and sparkly jeans and nice bag.
Big fluffy bunny that talks and eats carrots. That's too much money though.
Shnooks. Any one, but not the green one.
DS games. Grease and Wizards of Waverly Place. They're £25 if you buy two but they're not on Argos they're on play.com. and you can get them in Argos if you want but they're more money in there.
Connect 4  like Andrea's one that we play when she comes up.
Guess Who but the one that don't need batteries.
And an ipod if you can find one that's not too much money but if you can't can I have an MP3 player instead so I can listen to Justin Bieber because Dale doesn't like it when I play Justin Bieber on Youtube.

*coughs* Ah, nine-going-on-ten-year-olds. Aren't they fabulous?

Ellie Christmas!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love those specific lists. I hope you find some surprises to include too and a reasonably priced iPod.

Amber T. Smith said...

Yeah, they're great aren't they? I think the iPod is out, the budget just won't stretch. She has a few a surprises included which means she'll have to settle for an MP3 player instead. She'll be happy though!

Shaharizan Perez said...

My daughter's into the same things- Moxie Girlz, ipods and Monster High dolls. *dies*