24 November 2011

Delusional. Delusional? Delusional!

Delusional, delusional, delusional, I have been muttering to myself for the last several minutes, hoping that if I say the word often enough, I will indeed be able to think of something delusional to say. Maybe that's the wrong word. Maybe the word I should be muttering is "inspiration", because she seems far more elusive than anything else.
But then, when life itself seems to be one long delusion, it is strange that delusional inspiration doesn't strike. 
Where have the days, weeks, months been going? Seems like yesterday, we were welcoming in the new year, and we are already ready to let go of it. When you really look back, you realize that a lot has happened during the year. But weeks and weeks seem to have just flown by. Where, I know not!

Ouch", I exclaimed a couple of hours back, slapping myself on the forehead. "I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow, and I haven't even been carbo-loading or hydrating for it." I immediately shoved a banana down my throat, but while reaching for the second, realized today was Thursday and not Friday. 

Yipee!!!! I got an extra day! After weeks of losing days, it is wonderful to gain a day. And how much more delusional can it get?

Leaving you with a picture I took a couple of days back. If you figure out what is going on, do let me know. Or better still, write a drabble to it :-)

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Rick Watson said...

I'm right there with you. The older I get the faster time moves. A tired cliche I know, but sooooo true.