14 October 2011

Say what?

There's not really a PC way to say this, so I might as well lay it out straight - folks, I am WEIRD. A total oddball, non-conformist, nutjob-type person. And I'm fine with that. Apparently, some people find great amusement in the exceedingly bizarre things I say from time to time, despite the fact that they usually have a perfectly logical explanation. Like this gem that a coworker walked into without hearing the preceding conversation:

"And then some goat-man blew $%^&*^% GLITTER on me!"

(Erm, no. Not this goatman. I wish...)

Now, this sentence has a totally reasonable backstory - but it would be absolutely NO FUN at all if I just told you what happened. So I was thinking, hey, you know what, it has really been forever since we've had a drabble challenge around here. And seeing as 1) it's Friday and therefore you have the whole weekend and 2) I have no idea whatsoever what to write about today anyway, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to construct a drabble around the above bit of wackiness. You can quote it outright, you can simply use it as a starting point, you can end with it, whatever, as long as it's 100 words long (no more, no fewer!), and posted in the comments. I'll pop on here sometime Sunday to declare a winner (provided someone takes me up on it).

What are you waiting for?

Image from... erm... I forget, but whatever, it's James McAvoy, okay?


Jan Morrison said...

Why don’t I go to the woods anymore? I’ll tell you now, but never ask again. I walked, where I have for years, along the trail. I saw a path I’ve never noticed. There was an arc of trees, the leaves golden. Everything was shimmering, the colours unusually vibrant. As I went farther into the woods, something – a glimmering, dancing, form appeared. It was a small green woman. She gestured to an opening under a tree and then, as I approached, some goat-man blew $%^&*^% glitter on me. I woke hours later, the sun having gone down. I was bereft.

ViolaNut said...

Jan, you totally win. :-) Love it!

As for the real story - eh, I went to a Ren faire and the dude dressed as a satyr from the pottery-horn-stall came over to me during their parade and decided I needed a dusting. Guess I must've been pretty hideous and needed to sparkle to be bearable or something. :-P