22 September 2011

*is on a sugar high*

Ooh, it's been a while since I've had to do one of these... these totally off-the-wall ones that stump me until I get going, and then something suitably bizarre ends up spilling onto the screen and it's all good until the next time. I couldn't come up with anything, though, so I figured I'd grab a snack and do something else for a while. Then I realized that my snack could in fact be an actual topic. What snack, you ask?


I am a complete mad fiend for the stuff, ohhh yes indeed. Sweet tooth? I've got a whole mouthful. I will happily chow down on this sugar-filled, nutritionless treat for hours at a time (or until I run out, whichever comes first) - I infamously consumed two whole pounds of the stuff at my best friend's 15th birthday party without getting sick (though I'm not sure I could pull off that party trick anymore). I've become a bit more discerning over the years - I avoid brands which contain gelatin, for example, 'cause I'm all vegetarian and stuff - and I've developed a predilection for the pumpkins, too.

Ah, but that's the traditional kind. There now exists (wait for it) - GOURMET candy corn! Oh yes... you can get caramel apple flavour, or perhaps maple, and they're different colours and everything. We will not discuss the waxy and tasteless abomination which is the so-called "bunny corn", however - that pastel horror that appears in the spring. *shudder* Yuck. There are certain treats that should really stay attached to their traditional holidays - Reeses' Peanut Butter Eggs are plenty awesome enough for that time of year, we do not need bunny corn (or Peanut Butter Pumpkins/Xmas Trees/Hearts/name-your-holiday-symbol).

Or maybe we do. I can't deny that I love them. But no. Cadbury Creme Eggs are only available in the spring and I adore them and they would just not be as enjoyable if I could go get them any time I wanted. So everything else can just stay put too. Yeah.

Wow. I'm seriously on the biggest sugar high I've had in a really really long time. We're talking bug-eyed twitchy jitters here. Maybe I should lay off the candy corn for a while.

Hah! You didn't believe I actually would, did you? *munch* Now THAT would be delusional!

Image borrowed from here.


Hart Johnson said...


I love Candy Corn, too (and I think I've had the maple--that goes well with the consistency of the candy.)

I totally agree with you that they should leave seasonal specials to the season--they are more special that way (and actually, harder to resist because you know they are only there for a short time)

Jan Morrison said...

I'm on this no carbs or sugar diet and just reading this makes me crazed! I love Boston Beans Candy and the ones with the little nubby things all over it - now I'm going to go look for what that is called. And licorice pipes and and and...

Unknown said...

My candy of choice is . . . *wait for it* . . . Hershey's Kisses. I can eat an entire bag without even realizing it. *hangs head in shame* Both of my co-workers love candy corn. I get them each two bags every Halloween. :D

ViolaNut said...

Tami - but alas, the marketing people who decide on such things are clearly not in agreement. :-P Keep holding out, Cadbury!

Jan - ugh, I think my dad is doing one of those; it makes it really hard to cook for him! Good luck, especially with those candy cravings. ;-)

Chary - I used to be the same way, till I tried proper European chocolate. Now I can barely make myself eat Hershey's. See if you can hint to someone that you want some good Swiss chocolate and see what happens... ;-)