09 June 2011


[and if you have been properly initiated, you know the next line... say it with me...]

“You're a loony...”

Whereby I explore life without limitations...

Extreme Work

This happens when you have a massive deadline (read: National Institute of Health grant due next week), an employee quits and so a new one has to be hired (which means hiring two—a temp and then the one for the long haul), TWO manuscripts are accepted PENDING REVISIONS, and the special interest group of which you are secretary needs coordinating... GADS!

Extreme HOME

This happens when the home's homemaker gets a fully time job so a full time worker (read: me) becomes a full time mom on top of being a full time writer. *cough* including such atrocities as COOKING and SHOPPING (did you hear me gag at the word shopping?) and remembering we have pets and children!

Extreme Writing

JALO BuNoWriMo!!! In the first seven days I averaged more than 3000 words EVERY DAY. It's a CRAZY pace. It's been pretty easy—the story is flowing... but time consuming (and pretty much the only thing I'm not complaining about doing).

Now... if you truly aspire to lunacy invincibility, try all three TOGETHER.

It's that simple.

And HA! Whereby you get two blogs for the price of one, or... we eat crow for no writing blog yesterday... did you SEE that clever segue? We are going from BuNoWriMo as INSANITY to BuNoWriMo as a WRITING project?! Nice, eh?

Erm... or not...

The Beauty of a WriMo

I think it's the adrenaline... no the camaraderie... no the adrenaline... no the camaraderie... Man, I LOVE the group writing thing... the encouragement, the buzz... and I love to write like that... no holds barred. It is the best way, in my opinion, to crank out a first draft. I am prone to all these tangents otherwise...

It ALSO serves as a fabulous double deadline. DOUBLE, you ask?  Well sure... you have to tie up your OTHER stuff before you can START, and you have to tie up THIS first draft in a month.

But as a GROUP project, it is going GREAT. A couple people are past 20K words (including me, you may have guessed)... a couple have set alternate writing goals, Mari and Leanne are even co-writing, which has been very amusing to watch as they bat their story back and forth... a couple are getting started late--which is fine, we're easy...

But there have been discussions that help a lot of people. And there has been so much encouragement. It really has been fabulous. Now if someone were to start today, they'd need to write 2,272 words a day, which is a lot, but it could be DONE... so if you think you might wanna... Join us!


Tina said...

I feel such comfort from your words. I know it's stupid, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one struggling for writing time in the midst of raising a family and being a wife/mother/friend all at the same time. But as you said, that is the challenge of it.
I'll join you in declaring insanity: BuNoWriMo for me, AND coordinating a post-challenge challenge for the AZ folks. That one means visiting a minimum of 13 blogs a day. Sigh.
But, I'm totally thriving on this. I'm type A, and challenge really drives me.
Tina @ Life is Good

P.S For you AZ folks who are wondering about the PCC, go here

Unknown said...

Hart, I have come to the conclusion that you must be taking special vitamins and I want to know what they are :)

Hart Johnson said...

Tina-that post challenge sounds good! I will check it out! And I'm glad I'm not the only insane juggler.

Siv-man, I WISH. Mostly I just never don't do anything, but it's because if I have free time, writing is what I WANT to do.

Unknown said...

Hart, you have inspired me with this EXTREME post. I know I am behind the eight ball but what the hell. If I get even 20,000 words written by the end of the month, I will pat myself on the back.

Here we go . . .

Hart Johnson said...

Go Chary Go! Go Chary Go!

Laura said...

See you are insane, but rather fantastic too. Bow down to Hart :)