21 June 2011

Harry Birthday Solstice

Erm... that may look like gibberish, and I won't try to convince you it's not, because gibberish IS in fact something I am fluent in... but there are a couple big things going on, and I really CAN'T ignore any of them. For once there is a topical Tuesday where I KNOW about some stuff!

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Summer Solstice!

Today marks the LONGEST day of the year and in many cultures for... forever, basically... a big celebration... midsummer's eve (though honestly, this is FIRST summer, so I don't know why they call it the middle). The majority of the cultures where this has been traditionally important are those northern places where light varies so much over the course of the year. Understandable that the longest day would be a pretty big deal.

What I didn't know, until I started looking, is that the celebration hasn't always been just the day, but a FEW days... June 21st – 24th... and this extension of the midsummer's thing makes me really happy for this very strange reason...

Created by Joris Ammerlaan
Birthday Week at the Burrow!!!

This little span of days includes 3 Burrow Birthdays. Considering we are only a dozen in total (and it is three of seven of us who blog here). Jason has a birthday tomorrow, I have one the next day, and Rayna has an IMPORTANT one the day after that (along with our buddy Leigh, who was born the exact same day as Rayna, year and everything and one of my Harry Potter friends who was born exact same day same year as ME, Auriga).

(and Chary's was just last week!)

So there is something about this stretch that compels people to write, I think. I've always attributed it to the Gemini cusp of Cancer. Which is probably not unrelated (emotion meets communication), but the fact that it is midsummer, too... Sort of puts a little more magic into all of us finding each other.

Respectfully borrrowed, Pottermore.com
And for MY Birthday... JK Rowling is giving me a PRESENT!!!

The first clue was this: http://www.pottermore.com/
And then there is the YouTube thing...: Apparently a dedicated channel...

So on June 23rd at midnight, there will be an announcement by JK Rowling as to what this Pottermore.com website is all about. Now it has been said it's not a BOOK, and I have my doubts Jo would make anything quite so personal for anything to do with the movies or theme parks... She launched the site on June 16th, and I fell immediately into my fangirl SQUEEE speculation. But going there only gives a countdown clock at the moment.

Of course if you are looking for what this is... why not go to MTVs blog where they give it some guesses. I mean... everyone who's anyone goes there for their news anymore, Jon Stewart being the last remaining honest news guy...

But whatever the case, we have a big, exciting couple days ahead... All of which surely call for you to dance naked and celebrate...


erica and christy said...

Although we're of course not as extreme as Alaska, the longer days are pretty amazing here in WI, too. From about 8 hours in winter to 16 hours now. And yay - my birthday's on Saturday! (er, I mean, dang it, another birthday...)

Wild Child said...

Well, those in Oregon already started celebrating naked with a bike ride.

Hart Johnson said...

I think we're right across from you, Erica! I love it being light when I get up--helps so much! And I know your birthday was in line with us!

WC-I love Oregon! I saw a naked bikeride, but it was in the UK and I believe was a protest (hopefully against pants), but YAY for naked weather!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Happy Birthday week! Can't wait to hear Rowling's announcement. :)

Sue said...

I know it's churlish to mutter, but while you're gushing over long days and a certain lightness of being, we're experiencing short days and wintry weather. *sigh*

Happy birthdays to everyone :)

Jan Morrison said...

hey Tartlette - happy birthday solstice week! I'm a solstice babe too - born on Dec. 21st so that makes me the Burrower who is born on Sue's summer solstice! Yay me, yay you, yay sue!
I hope you are wearing your beautiful birthday suit and drinking ginger martinis.
much love,
jan who was born on the longest NIGHT of the year...

ViolaNut said...

Hey, I was born during a total solar eclipse, I can has cool-points too? ;-)

Hart Johnson said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Sue-yeah, that would be hard, too, to have so many people talking summer when you are having winter!

Jan-excellent! Nice to have both solstices covered!

Leanne-of course you get cool points!