05 April 2011

Tropical Tuesday

Did you miss me? I bet not. I’ve been hiatusing from this blog since I like to do so whenever I fear that my dependability might be compromised. Like last month, when an earthquake hit the country I was currently residing in. You may have heard of it. I think it sorta made the news.

Anyway, I’m back now. Both here, and, uhm, here. “Here” being used to describe both my current physical location (Norway) and my current online location (Burrowers, Books & Balderdash – which is also your current online location, since you’re reading this. Clever, huh?). I left Japan in a flurry, and I wasn’t sure how why if when what would happen. Thus, being committed to serious blogging seemed like a bad idea.

Of course, “serious” is almost always a questionable term when it is used in between me and blogging.

For instance, I could have chosen to write about any number of highly topical things for this blog. I could have written, naturally, about Japan. I’m sure none of you are tired of hearing about the triple catastrophe by now. I know I’m not at all tired of talking about it…

I also could have talked about Libya. Or Syria. Or Côte d’Ivoire. Or Quran burning lunatics and the aftermath this inevitably had. I bet you would have loved that.

But let’s assume I am right and you’re a frog. I figured we all needed a break from all the sadness, all the tragedy, all the news. Let’s instead see what the weather will be like, Todd.

TODD: Thank you, Dan. Tomorrow we are looking at sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. Spring is on its way, and freckle warnings have been issued. The snow appears to be melting, and the weather is positively tropical for Norwegian standards. With less than a meter of snow left, people are moving outdoors, having picnics and sunbathing. Today, two Vikings were observed skinny-dipping in a lake only partially covered in ice, and it is expected that we will see more – assuming that we’d want to – of this is the near future.

DAN: How about the birds, Todd, have the birds returned yet?

TODD: Well, it appears that the birds are still hesitant, but at least the penguins seem to have returned to Antarctica, so spring must be right around the corner. I’m making piña coladas as we speak.

And with that I wish you a happy Tropical Tuesday. Spring really is on its way here in Norway, but for someone who was thrown back into Nordic winter after having experienced Tokyo spring; it’s been a cold few weeks. Hopefully Norway will catch up soon, and before we know it we can enjoy our one week of actual Tropical Tuesdays (funny how the one week where our temperatures rise above 25 Celsius consists of only Tuesdays) , and then summer is over and a new winter is on its way. Ah. 


Jan Morrison said...

I completely needed this - I usually avoid topical tuesday because I avoid the news overall but tropical tuesday I can fully endorse.
Jan Morrison

CA Heaven said...

It's kind of scary that with all these disasters and violent acts happening at the same time, we become immune and insensitive, shouldn't be like that.

And, yes, the weather has been "tropical". It makes me worry about the snow. I want it to stay for another month. Not a big concern, probably, compared to the really serious issues around the world >:)

Cold As Heaven

The Yard Bard said...

We had a tropical Sunday, hitting the mid-80's! Then last night's temps dropped into the 20's. Sigh.

Cruella Collett said...

Jan - yes, I needed a break too. I can't be concerned for the state of the world ALL the time...

CAH - so true, we do become insensitive. I feel like I tune out whenever I hear words like "Iraq" or "Afghanistan" on the news. There is only so much I can take in.

And I'm all set to have the snow go away, but I don't mind it staying a bit longer up north, so that you can enjoy it ;)

TYB - that IS tropical! My "tropical" was a lot cooler than that (around 10-15 in Celsius - I still haven't learned how to translate that into Fahrenheit...)

Hart Johnson said...

*snort* Oh, I've MISSED you, Cruella. Yes. i suppose I'm a frog. Tropical in Michigan. I haven't had to wear my snow boots once this week. I'm dragging out the rum... erm... from the cupboard... in never gets much further IN than that...