08 April 2011

Personality Split

I've left it almost to the last minute again, but here I am dutifully typing my 'Who Am I?' post for today's blog. My previous blogs on this subject have been, well, wacky, I suppose you could say. This is as it should be because I'm generally a wacky person - well, my internet persona is wacky at any rate. In real life, unless you know me well, I am quiet, shy, and can come across as being stuck up. Once you do know me, however, my Inner Nuttiness usually comes out to play.

Anyway, despite my inclination to be a bit silly, I can also swing to the complete opposite and be very serious when I need to be. We all suffer ups and downs in our lives, and the things that happen to us shape who we are. I think my tendency to silliness is probably just a type of coping mechanism which comes into force to help me forget the icky parts of life.

It probably gets a bit confusing to the people in my life. I think my internet buddies expect something crazy from me, so when I occasionally spring something serious on them, it probably knocks them back. I'm currently doing the A-Z challenge on my main blog, and I decided to blog with a theme for the entire month. I chose limericks, and the very nature of them means that they will mostly be silly little ditties. Any new followers that have joined me will no doubt expect fun and frolics whenever they stop by for a visit. They will get this, no question - it is me, after all - but something serious will pop up sooner or later and they may suspect that there is an impostor taking over my blog.

In real life, I surprise a lot of people. I like a giggle as much as the next person, but I'm usually known to be a reliable, steady person who knows what she is doing and is sensible into the bargain. So when I have a 'Mad Moment', it certainly shakes people's opinions of me.

So who am I? Am I a staid, reliable woman with her head screwed on straight? Or am I a complete wack-job who's a few sandwiches short of a picnic? I'm neither, yet I'm both. The lovely thing with blogging - and the internet in general - is that the whole experience sort of frees you from embarrassment. I can get away with saying almost anything, and even if people laugh AT me rather than WITH me, it doesn't matter. If I said half the things in real life that I say on my blog posts, then I suspect I would be carted off in a straitjacket.

This is why I love blogging. And although my internet persona is an extreme version of me, it is still me, and I love that I get to be as silly as I want to be.

Does anyone else have the same kind of deal going on? I'm curious to know if I am in the minority when it comes to having split personalities.

Crazy Frog image permission.

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ViolaNut said...

I don't know about the minority, but I'm definitely with you. In person, awkward, shy, uncomfortable, hey-you-you're-standing-much-too-close; online, not an issue. By the way, never seen your froggy critter before but I think I love it. :-)