16 January 2011

I just wanted to throw out a reminder, that our January Drabble Dare is up and running!  This is a repost from  earlier in the month.

MMXI !!!!

A New Year. A New Decade (yes, I am a dork, for me the new decade starts AFTER the old decade gets over, even if the number in the tens place moves forward a whole year earlier).

Christmas pudding digested. Christmas gifts exchanged. Tree ready to be taken down. Resolutions committed to paper. Greetings sent out, or not. Holiday season OVER.

We at the Burrow have found the perfect way to cope with the post-holiday season blues- we start planning the February Valentine Feature. This is the third year that we will be hosting the feature, and this time, you can be a part of it too.

We have picked out four images that would be a part of the feature, and the drabble accompanying each of the images would be the winning drabble chosen from the entries sent in by you.
All you have to do is to write a drabble in exactly 100 words based on any (or all) of these photographs, and mail it to us at 'theburrow360 at gmail dot com' on or before January 23, 2011. The winning entries for each of the images will be featured in the February feature.

Image # 1 - The Kiss, Francesco Hayez

Image # 2 - Heart beat of a Foetus

Image # 3 - Victorian Valentine Card

Image # 4 - Toy Love

To summarise -

- Write a drabble (a story in exactly 100 words) inspired by any (or all) of the photographs above

- Check that the drabble contains exactly 100 words - word count tool here

- Choose a name for the photograph, if you wish

- Mail the drabble to 'theburrow360 at gmail dot com', mention your pen name (if any), the name you would like to call the image (if different from the descriptive name we have given), and any other information you may want to provide us BY MIDNIGHT JANUARY 23, 2011.

- Pick the next image to write a drabble to and start the process again

Time to take out the laptop, the word-processor, the typewriter, the pen or the quill, and start drabbling. YOU!!!!

Yes, I do mean You.

Image credits -
The Kiss, Francesco Hayez - http://en.wikipedia.org/w...:Francesco_Hayez_008.jpg
Heart beat of a foetus - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:EHR-BBII.jpg
Victorian Valentine Card - http://en.wikipedia.org/w...o-cherubs-red-hearts.jpg


Su said...

I do the same thing with the decade. There was quite a heated discussion in our house about that the week before the New Year. :)

Unknown said...

I really like the images, even the quirky heartbeat and age scatter plot.