13 January 2011

A Bollywood Love Story

Good bye, High School. Hello College.
Can't say I am going to miss my uniforms. But what do I wear?
Jeans, always a good choice....

Or should I shoot for understated elegance?

Girl meets boy, but the problem with boys is that they are just that - Boys!!!
 I mean, seriously, who wears PINK?

But girl continues dreaming of finding a real man.
A man who will fill her with desire, and not look away when she is around.

Girl looks in vain, but her second cousin's best friend's brother is home on leave from the Army...
Now, Army men, are real men, aren't they?

She decides he is going to be the one who will come riding on a white steed and takes her away!
He doesn't know yet that he's the chosen one.....

She dresses to impress
She does impress..

Soon, they are colour coding their clothes...

and dancing around trees.

She knows he is hooked.

He doesn't know she's started choosing baby names.

She is a blushing bride

He, a reluctant groom

Is she really the woman he loves, he can never be sure.

He takes her on, after all, there are families involved 

And before long, they have one of their own!



Deb and Barbara said...

Rayna!! I LOVE this. I smiled all the way through. An unexpected kind of post. Thank you!
The Middle Ages

Anonymous said...

What a charming and utterly delightful story!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hahahaha! Very creative, with all the cliches intact!

Anonymous said...

Rayna - Oh, I love this story! You've done a brilliant job of telling the eternal Bollywood story just through mannequins. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

LOL. Did you make up the story to fit your pictures or take the pictures to fit your story.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Love the photo story! And I love, love, love the clothes. I've always thought they were gorgeous with the vibrant colors and beading. I'm in a black tee shirt, jeans and Keds and feeling very blah now!

LTM said...

LOL! Rayna, you are so funny. Our little imaginative minds--we're always telling ourselves stories, yes? ;p Who knew someone outside our heads might want to hear them... and like them!

I like those jeans... :D <3

Golden Eagle said...

LOL. Great story. :)

CA Heaven said...

Cool story, and nice to see your pictures from the other side of the world >:)

Cold As Heaven

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, very cute. I really enjoyed this. I love your photos and the linking with the charming little tale was sweet.

Sue said...

Very good! You've portrayed it so well that I feel sorry for the bloke with such a predatory woman around. He didn't have a chance.

Danette said...

Very, very cute!

dipali said...

This is really too cute for words!
(So you said it all in pictures!!!!!)