04 November 2010

Delusional & Random Thursday: Loopiness

Delusion- a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; also : the abnormal state marked by such beliefs (Webster Dictionary).

I often thinking of my pedagogy as a bit delusional. I have the idealistic notion that all of my students will succeed regardless of socioeconomic status, race, disability and any other macrosociological issues. I know that each and everyone of them has the potential to become productive and efficient members of society. Do they all really succeed? No. The reality is that my school and most urban high schools have difficulty obtaining high graduation rates. Our kids are having a really hard time earning credits and passing state assessments. I don't want to generalize but here in New York City, it's become ever-increasingly difficult to graduate with a high school diploma. So am I delusional in going to work everyday, planning great interactive lessons and knowing that they are all going to be somebody and do something great one day. Perhaps? But if I didn't have these delusional beliefs then what am I working for?

So I hear about everyone joining the NanoWriMo. I wish you all good luck and may there be many, many novels waiting to be written and published. I unfortunately am staying out of it this year. I've been a little bummed about my writing lately. I feel like I've lost my way and can't find my way back. The easiest solution would be to just do it and write. But with a family, full time job, sick parents and a desire to go to back to school, I simply have not made time for my writing.

What do you do when there isn't enough time for everything that needs to get done? I don't really know either as time management has been my enemy. I generally use "To Do" lists. I cross off two things from the list and then add about five more. Insane, yes. However, I suppose that's just life. Not really sure if many of you find yourselves with a similar dilemma, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have. Perhaps it is really delusional of me to want it all.

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