25 July 2010

Drabble Dare #3

Image: Jules Being Dried by His Mother
Artist: Mary Cassett, 1900

Happy Sunday everyone! You know what that means . . . It is time for the drabble image challenge of the week. The image is posted above.

Rules- The writer produces a drabble (story written in exactly 100 words) and emails the finished product to the Burrow at theburrow360 (at) gmail dot com. Here is an example of a drabble written to an image. If your pen-name is different from the name that appears on the e-mail, please also mention the pen-name (and the name of your blog, if you have one).

For those who are like me and simply do not have the time to count each individual word, here is a tool you can use- The Burrow Word Count Tool. Please do not hesitate to ask us for help. Happy writing!!!

*This image is for my son who turns 16 today. I remember just bringing him home from the hospital. Time goes by so quickly and then they grow up!*


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Chary! Doesn't time fly?

I'll look forward to coming back to read the drabbles...wish I had time to participate!

Natasha said...

Do wish him a very happy birthday, Chary. And I do hope you get better soon.

Hart Johnson said...

A very happy birthday to Chary's son! And I wish luck to everyone who hopes to participate.

ViolaNut said...

Awww, happy birthday Justin! And I'm looking forward to reading this week's entries! :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone. My baby is all grown up. *tears*