05 April 2012

Dragon Shenanigans

Pinky's being 'Ellied'.

Er, I'm late. I know. But it's still Thursday, and I'm still delusional, so it's ok. I've had a mad day today, so it's fitting that it's my turn to post for 'Delusional Thursday'.

Pinky and Perky
Before I came here, I quickly cobbled together my limerick for the letter 'E' over on my other blog, because it's getting rather late in the day, and I don't want to fail the A-Z challenge, especially seeing as I haven't really blogged since February (and that's quite enough commas in one rambling sentence thank-you-very-much).

Also, I should mention that if you happen to notice a missing 'b' anywhere in the post, please forgive me. You see, the letter 'b' on my laptop is needing a much harder press than normal, owing to the fact that it is uggered. *shifty*.

Pinky's so fast, she moved before I could click!
Anyway... regarding my mad day. I spent much of it chasing dragons. No, seriously, I did. Ok, so they are bearded dragons, but still, dragons they are. Hubby obtained them two days ago (much to the astonishment of the kids - not to mention the cats). Today we decided to clean out the vivarium, so we had to remove the beardies (Pinky and Perky *coughs*) in order to do so. The dragons happily scampered all over the living room (or skidded more often than not as we have laminate flooring) for almost an hour. I kept having to scoop them up before they scurried into places where they might get stuck. Fast little uggers, they are. *nods*

Belle's a bit purrplexed...
I never thought I would have any other pet apart from my kitties. Hubby has been pestering for a snake or a tarantula for years, but I kept saying 'no'. Then the chance came to snap up these two beauties - complete with vivarium and all sorts of paraphernalia - for a bargain price. I was a bit iffy, but I figured they'd be better to live with than a snake or a giant spider (*shudders*). Despite my misgivings, I'm so happy I said 'yes', because I loves them, I do, I loves them!

 Still not sure how the cats are going to adjust though. *snort*

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