08 February 2012


This isn't really a "Writing" Wednesday post... it's more about my current failure to write, unfortunately. It's not for lack of trying this time - I was all hyped up to give it another go, I swear - see, I went to a lunch on Monday with the lovely Margot Livesey, whose latest book (The Flight of Gemma Hardy) is totally awesome, by the way, and you should go get a copy, especially if you like Jane Eyre, Scotland, or coming-of-age stories. Since I like all three, I signed right up.

So okay, have a pleasant hour of listening to her read and talk (mild Scottish accent, which is always nice), and I'm thinking, okay doofus, you really need to get back to work on some of your WiPs. How 'bout the one that's actually set in Scotland? Okay, why not? I hop into my car to head to work, and oh hello, Bruch's Scottish Fantasy is just starting on the radio. Hey! That's, like, a totally major part of the story, man! Karma says go write!

Errrrrrrrrmyeahno. Sat here with the notebooks for HOURS. I have bugger all to show for it.


Johanna Garth said...

So sorry about the failure to write! But at least you had lunch with a cool author and got a twinge of inspiration :)

Amber T. Smith said...

*pats Leanne* It's Ok hun, you'll get there. Especially as I NEED to see more of McSplodge. *nods*

And what about your dragon drama? That seems like it might be easier to work on... mostly fleshing out, right?

Whatever you do, you'll be fine. *hugs*

Shaharizan Perez said...


So sorry about the lack of writing. I haven't had much success either but I have been writing in my journal. It's not much but it's something more than the past two years of writing.

You're much further than I am and I firmly believe that you'll finish. Way before me, I guarantee!

ViolaNut said...

Ironically, this post was supposed to be rather longer as well, but I conked out before I finished. (In my defense, I came down with a hell of a cold this morning, so clearly it was on its way last night when I was trying to write it.) We'll see if I ever get my muse back...