14 July 2011

Delusional Thursday: Just Foolishness and Shenanigans

Chocolate Cake. . . yummy!

Okay, now that I have everyone's attention!  Uhm, hello, down here.  Let's talk delusional.  How about a whirlwind to begin this summer.  For those who do not know, I am a special education high school teacher.  I am working summer school, raising three wonderful children, catering to a loving husband and fighting with my cat. What was I thinking?  One of these summers, I will actually take off and not work the six week session.  It's hard to give up the 17 1/2% (of my annual salary), though.

Anywho, back to delusional.  I had entered the Burrow BuNoWriMo and only wrote a lousy 5,000 words.  I mean it's 5,00 more than before but I was so embarrassed I didn't even post my progress on Facebook.  *hangs head in shame*  I plan to be a bit more productive this summer in the writing department.  I have several books lined up to read, for research purpose,s of course.  *winks*  I also am going away to North Carolina at the end of August.  I think some time on the beach and a couple of Coronas will definitely help to get the creative juices flowing.

*Please note:  I do not go to the gym above.  My treadmill is one that folds up and tucks under my bed.  :( *

Oh and I cut all my hair off and now I am a golden blonde.  I am loving it.  Since I have lost 26 pounds, I feel more confident, sexier and can't wait to lose 26 pounds. I've been watching what I eat and exercising.  Who knew that all those fad diets and miracle weight loss products were a waste of money!  *cheeky*   It's been hard but it took me approximately umpteen years to put on the weight, so I suppose it will be some time before it comes off.  You didn't think I would allude to my age by mentioning the exact number of years, did you?  *smiles*  Well, that is all for now.  It's almost bed time and I must begin my crazy routine of kids, work, kids and more kids.  :D

This is where I am working this summer.  Stuyvesant High School on West Street and Chambers in NYC.  I cross that bridge every morning to avoid being run over like Frogger.  :)

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Chocolate Cake
Stuyvesant High School


Hart Johnson said...

Chary, you're doing so great on the weight loss! Good on you! I would be thrilled if I could really get going, but it keep eluding me...

And BLONDE? Seriously? Picture! I just can't even imagine it.

Sorry your summer is so swamped! I do hope your vacation recharges you!

Unknown said...

I'll post a pic as soon as I take one. :P Thanks Hart!