17 March 2011

I ain't delusional today

Adj.1.delusional - suffering from or characterized by delusions
psychoneurotic, neurotic - affected with emotional disorder

But then most delusional people would say that, wouldn't they? I meant to file this story last night but I didn't. And I didn't sit yesterday (as in meditate) for the first time in ages. And why is that, you kind people ask? Because I hadn't spent much time with my sweet patootie in ages what with kids and meetings and hard work and so on. And we don't have a series on the go - like The Wire or West Wing or other fabulous shows that may or may not start with W. But I wanted to be in the same room with him - not me up in my office blogging or reading blogs or answering emails and him on his computer in the downstairs den. So I went down with my new knitting project (lace! it is REALLY hard) and he sat on the computer and read me things about Japan and then we watched a dopey CBC program in black & white because that is how the television felt like showing it to us and then we watched the news. Oh.
After, we decided to go to bed at the same time. Then I have a fighting chance of falling asleep before he does and starts his amazingly vibrant snoring routine. When I got into bed I was thinking, suddenly, two things. I didn't meditate, let alone do all the special chants for the disaster, and I didn't file my delusional piece. Also, I had those amazing images of Japan in my mind, and the voices filled with gravitas of the reporters and the scientists. Sleep? Forget about it. I stayed in bed beside my sp who sounds much like the lion in The Wizard of Oz when he growls (the lion not Ron) until I knew it was pointless. Then I went down to my bed in my office and read until sleep overtook me. With the word 'delusional' in my mind, and the image of the devouring water in my heart.
I don't want to write a post today about delusional. This is not the time for that. It is time for all people of good minds and hearts to banish delusion and wake up to see the world as it truly is. ONE pool. ONE organism. So we can't think anymore about not sharing what we have as we couldn't imagine deciding not to send blood to any of our limbs because we were annoyed with it, or tired of it being so needy, or indeed completely believing it was, in fact, not part of our body at all.
Please don't be alarmed by this post - I am in full agreement with my fellow burrowers that delusional is a perfectly ironic and marvelous way to see the world by times. But this Thursday it just isn't.
Here is a photo of this beautiful world we wake up to.


Unknown said...


I agree. I haven't felt delusional all week and that is saying something. :(

My husband snores also! It has been something that took a long time to get accustomed to but after almost nine years of marriage, I barely notice anymore. :D

I love your "ONE pool. ONE organism," reference. It puts into perspective how we're all connected.

ViolaNut said...

Did someone say lace? Cobweb? Estonian? Shetland? DETAILS, woman! ;-) In other news, yeah. This is the only planet we've got so we need to share and play nice.

Amber T. Smith said...

Yup, delusional is all well and good, but sometimes it won't fly.

Beautiful picture, Jan!

Natasha said...

This has been a delusional week for me! The first couple of days were spent recovering from the shock, the next day was spent digesting the fact that they did not want any help that we could give, and the last few days have been spent with a charity that works with the victims of the 2004 tsunami - at some level I am trying to delude myself into believing that helping with another rehabilitation project would somehow help a current disaster.

Sue said...

Jan, thankyou, your second last paragraph is beautiful.