24 February 2011

Delusional Me

Oi oi clarts! Tara yer, bringin you this week's deeloosional blog post. The fing iz, I iz 'aving alirrlebi ov trubble comin up wiv a deeloosional topic like. I mean, I've covvahed alot ov strange stuff in my blog posts in the past like, so I iz a lirrlebi stumped today. Nevah mind, coz I'll just do wot I normally doez, and keep typin and 'oping for the best, like innit? Youknowzitmakezsense!

I could ramble about the wevvah, I suppose, coz that's like wot peeps doez when they iz stumped for small talk, innit? The wevvah yer in the Kair of Diff is well stuffed up. I mean, one minit itz raining cats and bluddy dogs, the next itz freatening snow, and the next itz almost bluddy warm, like! Itz enuff to make you dizzy when yer tryin to work out wot coat to wear (oh, that reminds me ov a saying we as yer in The Diff - "Hooze coat's that jacket, hangin up on the floor?").

Anywayz, apart from the ducked up wevvah, itz also been a mad, mad week for this yer Kairdiff Slag. *nods* Itz that stoopid alf term break fingy, itdoezmyheadin! I got both me sproggies ome and we've been lumbered wiv the stoopid wevvah! I mean, wot iz you s'pozed to do wiv two energetic kidz, crappy wevvah and ardly any coinage, eh? Bluddy beats me.

And I waz a stoopid slag and forgot it waz alf term this week, and I put me name down fer overtime at work too. Sumtimes I av to wunder if I got a brain inside me 'ead, or a ball ov strin. Probbly a ball ov strin, to be 'onest, coz sumfin is sure unraveling.

But on the good side, I only has two more shifts, and then I iz avin leven dayz off. Bangin! Therez a slite possibility that I'll be able to write a propa blog post next week then, innit?

Then again, I iz a Kairdiff Slag day in, day out, so most probbly my next post will be deeloosional drivel, whether itz for Deeloosional Fursday or not. Issallgood though, innit?

Later clarts!

Image iz borrowed from that Wikipedia Commons page fingy, like innit.


Hart Johnson said...

*giggles* I love your Taff posts, Tara. And my kids are off for winter break this week too--copmpounded with illness (Thing 2) and heartbreak (Thing 1s boyfriend's father is a menace)

Amber T. Smith said...

*snorts* When all else fails and I can't think of anything, I usually go for a Taff post. This half term is killing me... my brain is totally fried. *dies* Hope Thing 2 feels better soon and Thing 1 learns that ignoring an idiot is sometimes the best thing to do...

ViolaNut said...

"Page fingy, like innit" = best copyright attribution ever. :-)

Jan Morrison said...

lurvley to hear your tones, my ducky. yose rattlin on ais if ya twere from the rock only you aint, your our wee taffy lass.

Amber T. Smith said...

Leanne - hahaha, yup, I liked that bit best actually. *snort*

Jan - Yay! I'm loving the 'Wee Taffy Lass' label!

Unknown said...

Hahahaha! Loved this. It took me some time to decipher what the hell you were talking about but I finally got it in the end.

What is "alirrlebi?"