01 January 2012

delusional much?

OK - I totally blew it again. Please forgive me as my mind was addled on too much sugar. Too much booze, too much fun, too much socializing, just plain tooo toooo much.
I'm going to join some of my friends in what is affectionately called 'Buddhist Lent'. We will abstain from harmful substances from one New Year (this Roman one - January 1st) to Shambhala Day or the Tibetan New Year which falls on February 22nd this year. Am I delusional to think I can do this for 51 days? Maybe. I will start tomorrow and give it a try. I feel all yucked up with sugary stuff, boozy stuff and wheaty stuff. I want to be a mean clean fighting machine by the Year of the Water Dragon. I want to be ready for whatever this year throws me. And I'll continue to keep both my meditation practice and my writing one too. And oh, yeah, a clean house. Or a sort of clean house. I'm well on my way to that one.
Here's a picture of what I made over the Christmas season...


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I think you can do it. I behaved pretty well over the holidays but I worked out extra hard yesterday and today.

Unknown said...

You will most certainly achieve your goal!