01 December 2011

December Drabble Dance

Welcome to December! December for the Burrow is a month we've managed to create a bit of a tradition. We have a website where we publish group projects, now and again. And each December, we do a sort of Advent Calendar. It isn't Advent in the religious sense of the word, as we don't stop at Christmas, but each day in December, we reveal a new Drabble related to images that have been chosen by the author. It's a fun little 'new surprise each day' venture and we'd like to share it with you. To get you in the mood, I've got a couple drabbles here. BUT... it's possible I'm insane. It IS delusional Thursday after all... so the drabbles on our Advent Calendar will assuredly be better and more thought out... (even mine).


Delirious Dream Drabble*

A girl is asleep, she's dreaming of pompons
A boy is asleep, he's dreaming of longjohns
It's all well and good, when a girl jumps and struts
And nothing goes wrong when a boy warms his butt

But when boys start pomponning and girls start longjohnning
The rest of us sure better get long-gone-goning
Because boys with their pompons, then act like sluts
And girls who try longjohns can't cover their butts**

Before you decide to ignore this as fluff
And think I've come up with it off of the cuff
I'm telling you now, I know about this stuff!

*Inspired by Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book
** inspired by an episode of trying to wear my husband's longjohns under my running pants. Boys have more belly. Girls have more butt. Nuff said.

Delusional Drabble

Once upon a time, there were four score young blondes and brunettes, all between ages sixteen and nineteen and a half... strike that. The Burrow is a Bustling Band of Beautiful Babes who love books and erm... what's a writing word that starts with B? Damn. Tell them I have a PR background and they all want to put me to work. We write. We critique. We support. And now we're famous. Every last one of us has published alone, and as of December 1, 2015, we have officially published our Coffee Table book of images and accompanying drabbles. Erm.

(did I mention drabbles are usually fiction? We DO though, talk about this from time to time...)

 So now don't you have a REALLY strong urge to go read a BETTER Drabble?  Come on. I'm sure you do...



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hart, I think Dr. Seuss just did spins in his grave!

Jan Morrison said...

I so love Dr. Seuss that he became a major character in the play I co-wrote - Death,the Musical.
hmmm...turned out he was a complete order freak. weird.
Where's the calendar?

Shaharizan Perez said...

That was awesome!!!!! Perhaps because I truly love Dr. Seuss even at my age.

I was rolling when I thought of you wearing your husbands longjohns and the waistband is probably stretched out but the backside is too small. HIlarious!!!

Hart Johnson said...

Alex-Oh, I'm quite convinced Dr. Seuss was as wacky as I am. teehee

Jan-Excellent! Did he speak in rhyming couplets? the order freak makes sense to me. I mean a person for whom every line is so carefully considered (though I love that he just made up words all the time)

Chary-me, too, and of all the Seuss there is, The Sleep Book is my very favorite.

CA Heaven said...

That's a great idea for an Advent callendar; non-material ... but it should be allowed to peek a head; I always did when I was a kid >:)

Cold As Heaven

Sue said...

bustling band of beautiful BRAINY babes and a Bloke - but I digress. Love the dream drabble and am off for the December delight. thanks to you all. Sue

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I loved your poem. Yeah, girls and boys are built way different. A lot of people aren't aware that girls have hips. I used to do quite a bit of anatomical drawing and an artist probably more than anyone, knows exactly how hips differ from boy butts (the difference is huge).

Love the tribute to Dr. Seuss. You are so original.

erica and christy said...

I read no insanity here! And next time, feel free to make up any words you need to rhyme! Dr. Suess did! Have a great weekend. christy

James C. Wallace II said...

As I recall, I won this drabble contest once, I should like to participate again. How?