11 December 2011

very late on Friday...OK it is Sunday afternoon but I'm sure it is very late on Friday somewhere...

OY! I flubbed again. I thought I'd written all my burrow blog dates in my datebook but alas alack - I did not. When I didn't see a post for Friday I went looking and sure enough - it was me - gone!

And it is a Friday Free For Fall - so here goes.

Ten Reasons Why I'm Not Ready for the Holiday Madness

10. As a certified conquistador of chaos (that's CCofC to you) I can't find my embroidery thread. I can't find my scissors. I don't even know where to find a vanilla bean. I can't finish my many holiday-type projects cuz I can't find anything.
9. Almost everyone I know has a birthday in the holiday period - my brother, three out of 6 Canadian Babes, several other buddies and myself. This means birthday breakfasts, birthday lunches, and birthday dinners.
8. I'm not a Christian. I'm not a Jew. I'm not a Pagan. All of these have established celebrations at this time. We Buddhists have a sort of fake one but everyone knows it isn't real. So...what am I doing with a Christmas tree (Pagan with Christian covering), candles (Jewish, Pagan, Christian) and so on...well. I live here don't I?
7. The revisions for my novel are at a tricky point.
6. I am busier as a therapist than I have been for years - everyone else needs assistance this time of year dontcha know?
5. It is sunny, dry and warm out. I don't believe in winter any more.
4. I don't have my snow tires on, my teeth cleaned, my bills paid and all sorts of other adult responsibilities are undone too.
3. My sweet patootie and I cannot miss even one night of watching endless West Wing episodes. Ones we've already seen mind you.
2. Trying to have a simplified non-commercial holiday is VERY complicated.

and the number one reason I haven't gotten ready for the holiday madness yet...



Amber T. Smith said...

I especially love #3. In our house it's ER at the moment. We got hold of all 15 seasons... average of 22 episodes per season. *snort* We're on season 13 at the moment...

And I love #1, coz I'm such a last minute crazy person anyway. ;p

Shaharizan Perez said...

I love #3 also but it's The Office (American version) that we often watch together. Even my kids are hooked! I hope to achieve #1 but don't know if that's going to happen.