07 December 2011

Do's and Don't's When Writing A Wednesday Post

DO try to get out of it if you are stumped.
DON'T rely on getting out of it if you are stumped.

DO think of a few subjects and strategies for helping you to compose a post.
DON'T think that leaving it to the last minute will help in any way.

DO remember that this is supposed to be a helpful blog to aspiring writers.
DON'T forget that you are an aspiring writer too.

DO try to think of something that is both useful and hasn't been covered before.
DON'T resort to tried and tested means (or fall back on Taffing, even if youknowzitmakezsense like, innit?).

DO try to write something in advance so that you have time to tweak and perfect at your leisure.
DON'T  look at the time and think Crap! I have to get a post up in the next hour or I am doomed!

DO try to relax and take a few calming breaths.
DON'T freak out and start typing the first thing that comes to mind.

DO remember that the post doesn't have to be earth-shattering, and your readers are generally nice people.
DON'T get paranoid and start thinking that your readers are rolling their eyes at your stupidity.

DO remember that as long as you get something - anything! - posted, you have done your job.
DON'T think that the 'anything!' part of the above sentence means you can resort to a silly Do's and Don't's list.


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Stina said...

I never write a post the night before. I like to give it distance and tweak it before posting it. I usually write them on the weekend (with the except of my Friday linkie post).

Natasha said...

Much as I hate to admit it, most of my posts end up being last minute jobs. Not the next one, I promise!!!

Amber T. Smith said...

I'm definitely a last minute writer, and not only with blogging either. It usually works ok, and sometimes it even works really well. There ARE those times when things go a bit off center though...

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I love the format of the Do and Don't. I may have to steal this for a post.

Jan Morrison said...

I like this - I write almost all my posts on the dot. Except the A-Z challenge ones were a few days ahead...