02 December 2011


You know the drill. You *have* to pick one (and only one). All in good Friday Fun!

You've been out dancing all night. Before going to work, would you rather have a shower and wear the same clothes you wore; or not have a shower, but get to put on fresh clothes?

Pick one: no more hugs, or no more kisses?

Would you rather never be able to wear shoes, or never be able to take them off?

If you had to choose - blind or deaf?

You wake up one morning looking like Miss/Mr World. The only problem is you have to make a choice - either only you can see you as this while the rest of the world will see you as ugly; OR the rest of the world will see you as gorgeous, but you will see yourself in the mirror as ugly. Which one is it? (And yes, your "regular" looks are gone forever.)

This should be a piece of cake for any Twihards, but still.... You can either only ever read the Twilight series over and over again for the rest of your life; OR never pick up any book ever again.

Would you rather eat the food you absolutely don't like at least once every week for a year; or go without your favourite food at all for one year?

Your house is burning, and you only have the time to rescue one thing. Will it be the laptop with the ONLY copy of your nearly-finished novel; or will it be the album with the ONLY copies of your family photos?

Would you rather be stuck in a (literally) eternal line at customer services (but get actual help); OR be forced to always ask "Microsoft Help" on your computer whenever a problem arises?

And a classic at the end: Your partner is a mermaid/merman - would you have the top or bottom half be the fish-part...?


Stina said...

Talk about killer dilemmas. When I used to go out, it was to the smoky dance clubs (you can't smoke in them anymore). So with the first one, either way I go, I'd stink of smoke. And since my job back then was working in a fitness center, stinking of smoke wasn't a good option, and neither was wearing the clothes I wore to the dance club. ;)

CA Heaven said...

Some of them were easy. Shower vs change of clothes; I go for the shower, thanks to the non-smoking law for bars and restaurants, and ... never mind. Blind vs deaf: I would choose deaf. Blind would end my professional career and the skiing. The mermaid dilemma, though, is a difficult one. Can I get one of each?

Cold As Heaven

Jan Morrison said...

1. clean clothes please - actually I'm a pretty dirty gal so this doesn't bother me any way at all.
2. No more kisses.
3.never have to wear shoes. heaven.
4. rather be blind than deaf
5. This is one of the dilemmas in the medieval story The Green Knight with a variation - in that one the wife will be beautiful in the day, ugly at night, or the other way around. the husband gets to choose if he wants to be known as a studly buddy or have a gorgeous broad in the sack. Luckily he chooses the right thing - oh no - you'll have to read it - part of the Round Table stories or a precursor to them. I would choose to look beautiful to all.
6. frig - impossible. I couldn't do it. so I guess I'll choose no reading ever which will be fine as I'll be blind! (see above)
7. oh I'll eat the food I don't like I guess. That would be liver.
8. laptop
9. I really don't know as I don't use either of these.
10. bottom