26 April 2012

Voices in my head

I've been bitching rather a lot about my inability to write lately.  It's back.  And this is where the delusional part comes in.

What kind of weirdball nuts are we writer-types anyway when the RETURN of the voices in your head indicate that things are back on track?  There are at least 6 characters babbling at me in my daily showers now (yeah, I think in the shower, that's my excuse for staying in there so long if my roommates ask...), and while it's getting a wee bit cacophonous, I seriously don't mind one bit.  A few of them are old friends, making a visit to impart some new insight they had while they were away; at least one is new and I have NO CLUE what to do with her yet, but whatever, that'll come eventually I suppose; a couple are REALLY old and they seem to have moved on with their lives in the interim so I guess they'll need a new setting (I left off with them in grad school, but one of them seems to have a kid now - where'd THAT come from???).

I'm not schizo, I know I'm not... these are all perfectly normal, I've talked to enough other writers that I know full well that having characters take on lives of their own happens all the time and it means things are generally going well, though it's a little hard sometimes on a control freak like I can be to discover that they just won't BEHAVE.  Kind of like my cats, actually.

I wonder if THEY have voices in their heads too.  How else can you explain the midnight (okay, so last night it was at 2 AM) crazies?  Seriously, I give the cat a treat and the next thing I know he's a wide-eyed, ears-back ball of fluffy rampage rocketing around the room.  Really, Durwen?  Did you have to knock ALL the movies off the bed?  I was going to watch one.  Fenny would never do that.  (Who's Fenny?)  Oh, Fenny's Claire's cat.  (Who's Claire?)  Oh, she's one of the voices in my head...


Cruella Collett said...

YAY - you're writing (or getting to a place that soon will lead to writing). I'll drink to that!

Shaharizan Perez said...

Happy to hear about the characters' voices in your head. Now I have to get some motivation for my blog post. *glomps*