16 January 2013

Random Wednesday: Fascinating Places I Would Love To See

*dusts off the blog since it has been several months*

Mount Fuji, Japan
Image courtesy of Fascinating Places

The Louvre, Paris, France
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

London, England, United Kingdom
Image taken from Wikimedia Commons

Bora Bora, Tahiti, French Polynesian Islands
Image taken from Wikimedia Commons

Tasman Valley, Mount Cook, New Zealand
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

What are the top five places would you like to travel?  We at The Burrow would love to know!


Hart Johnson said...

Oh, man... so good of you to dust off our neglected blog... Love your choices! Me? Morocco. Egypt. A fairly private Greek Island. Rio deJaneiro. Angel Falls (Venezuela).

Shaharizan Perez said...

Wow those are really awesome choices Hart. I've always wanted to go to Cairo and see the pyramids of Giza. Greece= yes! I'm a little afraid of going to Rio. I'm on the curvier side of femininity and would not feel comfortable seeing all those sexy bodies during Carnival!

Natasha said...

You covered most of the places on my wish list. A couple more-

Great Wall of China (I know that's not really a place, but.....)

And someplace in the US where I can meet all of you *glomps*

Shaharizan Perez said...

@ Natasha- Ooh, my daughter went to Florence, Rome, and a few other Italian cities with her school. The pictures she brought back were breath-taking. I want to go to China too- Forbidden Palace. Great list.