25 January 2013

Free For All Fridays: Attraction and Compliments

The Old, Old Story
by John William Godward
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"Hello, awe-inspiring, rising sun," croons the well-groomed young gentleman.

"Is that your absolute best use of flattery?  I have heard better," replies the alluring young woman. 

"You have not given me a chance fair princess." assures the gentleman.

"I am no princess.  I'm an educated young maiden who would be most pleased if you would remove yourself from her presence.  And yes, I am speaking a bit discourteously but it is simply because you have vexed me on this early morning," she exclaims with mild annoyance.

"My apologies.  I didn't mean to offend," he states, leaving her with a flower.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

I liked this...quite beautiful.

Shaharizan Perez said...

@ Existentialist- thank you. I was in a funky mood when I wrote this. However, I did love the painting and that uplifted me . . . somewhat. :D