14 June 2012

Lessons I Did Not WANT to be Involved In Yesterday

Yes yes. My turn. Blah blah blah.  Pardon me. I'm crabby.

Dignitary? Or Stripper? You decide.
Ever need a good old-fashioned whine fest? Ever wish you could REALLY make it a WINE-fest? Mostly my life is cruising along BEAUTIFULLY. My first book came out last week and is a 'bestseller' according to Barnes & Noble—something that is VERY VERY Cool... But I had a REALLY annoying evening, so I am just going to take a moment to complain.

Lesson 1: Never PASTE pictures into blogger.

This first is the REASON that this post really just couldn't be anything but a whinefest. I have a guest over on my regular blog (who wrote a FABULOUS post) but I tried and tried and tried and Blogger kept eating the bloody post.

Turns out the trouble was embedded pictures. GRRRRR. Each one took like forty thousand lines of HTML and kept crashing the bloody thing. And each time I'd write my little intro and format a few things... and then GONE.

So don't do that.

Do you suppose it is half llama half hydra?
Lesson 2: Turns Out if You are Unhealthy and Feel Poorly for Months, it makes you CRABBY

HWMNBMOTI has been a big grouch-puss for a couple weeks, testy, pissy, crabby... And I've (helpfully) been telling him his medications aren't working (they are supposed to mellow the mood swings) and he has been ANGRY with me for not letting him HAVE his moods. We finally talked it through and a lightbulb went on. He hasn't felt well for MONTHS... thing after thing in his physical health keeps happening and then it is layered with the mental health stuff (PTSD response, anxiety).

For pete's sake, I study PAIN for a living. I KNOW it is depressing to live with a miserable condition. But when it is too close to home (inside the home) it is easy not to apply what you know.

Llamasus! The elusive winged Llama!!!
Lesson 3: (the one I intend to apply ASAP): If you don't have an icemaker, then there is a SYSTEM to the ice trays and if you don't FOLLOW IT, then you are likely to be hit in the head with the tray you left in there with TWO cubes and started a NEW tray using more than half of it.

For the LOVE OF LLAMAS, EMPTY the bloody tray of ice and fill it with water before starting a new one or I will BEAT YOU!

And Now, to make myself feel better, I am going to sprinkle this post with llamas.

(By the time you read this, I won't be crabby anymore...)


Shaharizan Perez said...

My kids are famous for not refilling the ice tray with water. *screams*

Happy about the book and hope hubby feels better soon. :D

ViolaNut said...

I was going to be all sympathetic but then I saw the flying llamas and now I'm all "I WANT ONE!" and that's really not very helpful, is it?

Hart Johnson said...

Chary-have you TRIED hitting them with the trays? I'm really thinking the idea shows promise.


Leanne-yeah, they had that effect on me too, so it's all good.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

There are a lot of llamas out where I used to live in Idaho. They use them as guard dogs for sheep.

Lynn Proctor said...

i feel your pain--and seriously--i hope you are feeling better--thanks for stopping by my blog--cool pics :)

Hart Johnson said...

Michael- Well and llamas as pack animals do a lot less erosion--say for hiking into mountains or down canyons--their feet (and weight) are not as bad as horses or donkeys. And if you annoy them, they spit at you, so that's a bonus.

Lynn, thank you!

Tina said...

Ok Hart, the time has come. I've been reading your posts for over a year, and haven't once found an explanation of who HWMNBMOTI is, assuming husband, but then I must know what the initials stand for.
You study pain? For a living? I've been a chronic pain patient for eleven years and just broke up with my doctor two months ago. I'm med free, all thanks to The Feldenkrais Method. Just had to brag for a second. Thanks. *curtsies nicely*
Love the llamas, especially hydrallama...

Tina @ Life is Good

JMims said...

As the guest in question, I apologize from the bottom of my heart! Or Hart in your case. But it's still somewhere near my bottom. Oh crap, this is why celebratory mojitos and comments don't mix.

And there's a llama farm near my house, which if I knew anything about llamas, I'd go over to with an appropriate bucket of food for them. As it is, I mostly just give carrots to the three shetland ponies next door.

Cruella Collett said...

I have been seeing an unusual amount of llamas (live!) all spring/summer, because apparently llama farms are a thing in Norway now (!), and of course every time I do I a) think of you; and b)break out in (llama) song, and then c) people think I'm crazy.

But it's worth it. Llamas rock!