15 June 2012

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Tami did such a fab (llama) job yesterday on turning a whine fest into a wine fest by sharing her hard-earned life lessons, that I thought I'd share some of my (well-not-exactly-life-lessons-but-possibly-first-world-problems-or-not-even-that-more-like) observations. From today. And other days. Fewer llamas, though:

Who'd have thunk it? Chocolate milk with brownie taste isn't all that yummy.

Caught myself checking the weather forecast today. Crossing my fingers that it's accurate, and thus that we'll actually have a hint of summer in Oslo next week.

Burma or Myanmar or whatever it's politically correct to say nowadays are getting their coke back, the papers told me today. Coca Cola is reestablishing there, leaving only two countries off their mass market list (Cuba and North Korea in case you were wondering).

Today we talked about Monty Python for a work meeting. No, really. We did. And it was useful. I have a weird job.

I really want to read Chris Cleave's new book, Gold, but am having a hard time finding it in Norway. I could order it online, obviously, but I've always been a fan of the old-fashioned "in store" purchase version when it comes to books. Might have something to do with the fact that I've worked in bookstores for eight years... Anyway, while looking for shops in Oslo that potentially might have the book (that so far is only out in hardcover version), I found that one of the local bookshops offered to ship the Norwegian version of the book within three days. Does this mean that they actually translated a book before it came out (June 7th, I think - not long ago, anyway) in the riginal version? That's weird. Really unusual.

Well, I'll be buying the original anyway, though, since I generally prefer that to translations. Still weird.

When I refreshed the tab with Facebook just now it went blank except for the word "success" written right at the top. Uhm. Not success I'd say!

I might get a hair cut today. (See why this list doesn't even qualify as first world problems? Yeah...)

Re: my job. We're moving this summer. From one building to another (gotta explore campus a little, y'know!). Meaning we'll have to pack everything. Now, the problem is that I have sort of just "acquired" an office. Occupied it. Squatted. Annexed, overran or garrisoned it if you like.

As a historian I feel compelled to tell you that none of the above expressions is used in an accurate context.
But almost.

The thing is - when I first started working at the university it was a very temporary gig, and thus they only placed me in the abandoned office of an old professor who ran away to Spain (seriously. He did).

He did not, however, clear his office before he left.

For the last few months, therefore, I've been sitting crammed in between his papers, books, and dead flies. (Really) Gradually, I've moved my own stuff in, so now his books, papers and dead flies are pushed to the margins of the room, but it's all still there.

The question, then, is whether I have to pack his stuff too (and whether I need to bring it with me to my new, shiny office in the new, shiny building), or whether someone else will (and still if it will be transported to my new, shiny office). I'm especially worried about the flies.

Such things worry me today.

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Lynn Proctor said...

a new office--yay--i wouldn't worry too much about the flies ;)

ViolaNut said...

That's a hell of a giraffe kiss right there. Also, I have an ARC of Gold and I read it and I LOOOOOVED it and he's coming to town and I can get you a signed one if you want. 'Cause do I owe you a book anyway (it's not out here till 3 July)? Do you owe ME a book? Are we even at this point? I lost track. I also seem to have lost track of this comment. And the schedule. I should check when I'm up next. Oops.

Cruella Collett said...

Lynn - you're right, the flies should be able to wake from the dead and transport themselves if need be... ;)

Leanne - ohyayohyayohyayohyay! I have absolutely no idea how we stand in the "I owe you/you owe me"-score, except that I always feel I'm behind and probably owe you tons and tons of books and goodies, and would be very happy to send some to you (been forever), especially if you can get me a signed copy of the American version (that's the one in black and yellow, right? At least that's the one featured on the B&N website). For once I prefer the US version to the UK one, actually. Also, you should check if he still carries his batman stamp (he did when he was here with "Little Bee", but since that was relevant to the book I suppose he might have ditched it).

Chris Cleave = awesome! (And so are you!)

Natasha said...

He has a grey tongue!