09 November 2011

Writing Wednesday: December Drabble Contest

That's right, people.  It is that time of year again!

December means so many different things to people around the world. It could mean Winter Solstice, Christmas, Winter Wonderland, New Years' and everything else we can think of.  To most, it is "The Holidays."

In December, The Burrow will be hosting our annual Advent Calendar.

All you have to do is to write a drabble in exactly 100 words based on any/all of these photographs, and email it to 'theburrow360@gmail.com' by November 26, 2011. The winning entries for each of the images will be featured in the December feature.

So here are the images to choose from:


Peace Tower at Christmas

Winter Wonderland

Advent Wreath

And just for fun- Snowhenge

Good luck and happy writing!

All images are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Sarah Allen said...

Ooh, so cool! Ok, let me think...

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Unknown said...

Ooh Sarah, please do write. I'd love to hear your story to any of these.